Big Girl


Coraline is 19 months old, and just absolutely adorable (most of the time). She is getting quite a bit of “personality” aka endearing demands. We had a tough time this month with photos, because, well, she just didn’t want to right then.


She’s just all about words this month and last, here are a few new ones: Empty, Booboo, Bubble, Me, Fire, Button, Go go, Wait.

Go go is used in reference to Sasha when we ask her to “go go go” with her cookie to eat in the other room, or “up up up” to get up and go outside. Coraline likes to request Sasha to do these things too, and also to feed her lately, which is beyond adorable as long as she’s not throwing her food from the dining table. It’s cute to watch her get a puppy treat for Sasha and walk around the house looking for her and calling for her.


I have so many cute Coraline faces it’s hard to identify a favorite, but the ones where she is scrunching up her nose, or emphasizing those big cheeks, are good contenders.



She’s had a relatively healthy few months, besides some eczema flair ups on her cheeks and knees, but we tried to switch diapers this month unsuccessfully. I’ve been trying to select healthier options for our household since I started working for this more environmentally and health conscious company, but unfortunately, these diapers weren’t absorbent enough and cause a pretty bad rash we keep trying to get on top of. I can’t wait until we are able to switch to underwear (it will be only organic for her sensitive tushy!). Coraline just moved up into the potty-training rooms, so we’ll see how quickly things progress.


She finally stands still sometimes for her hair, or runs while I do it, laughing all the way, but at least it doesn’t seem to bother her quite as much as it did at first when I tried to fix it up. The little whoville style ponytails crack me up, but her hair is actually long enough for a real pony tail if she’d leave a clip in for the shorter front hair.

Even Jameson said the other day that Coraline is getting to be a big girl. I caught her trying to jump the other day, and remembered when Jameson would try to jump. It certainly won’t be long!

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