Soccer Try Two

Our last attempt at playing soccer didn’t really end well. Jameson was okay in the beginning, but by the end was refusing to participate entirely. We weren’t really sure what went wrong, so this time we changed up a couple things.

We made sure to have Jameson sign up with a friend. Our neighbors were able to participate as well this time. And we also tried a different program, in the hopes that different teaching methods would encourage him to participate again. I think it helped that it was months later that we tried again.

For all this, he really didn’t seem to remember that he didn’t actually like the other program, and was asking to play soccer again, so maybe he would’ve been fine without those changes. But regardless, this time we had success! And he did seem to absorb some things from the first program we did, like not to touch the ball, so I wouldn’t call it a completely wasted experience.




This program is run by volunteer students, and was much less structured. Even though I think that some parents struggled with that in the beginning, the kids loved it. There was lots and lots of running.


How great is this tongue out!?



Coraline is pointing at the soccer ball next to her. She was a snack MONSTER at these practices.


Our last session was this week (indoors, since it was near dark after the time change!), and in general I think I’d choose outdoor over indoor. The kids are much more behaved (as is Coraline) when it’s outside. But the kids all got their own soccer ball at the end, which was a surprise to me. It was such a great value and experience. I can’t wait for him to play again in spring!

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