All the Fingers and Toes


Count ’em! 20 fingers and toes. Get it? 🙂 I thought we’d better get an update here before Coraline turns 21 months. These past few weeks are already blurring in my mind. Coraline continues to show off her little toddler personality, singing songs (I recognize the tunes to our “night night” song, twinkle twinkle and abcs are pretty distinct, and my personal favorite, “rain rain go away!”) and still insistently only saying “no” and never “yes”.




This month Coraline also lost her buddy; she loved feeding Sasha cookies. There at the end, Coraline was getting the box herself out of the open pantry to feed her! In just a couple weeks, she doesn’t mention Sasha’s name any longer. But just a day ago, she noticed a cup we used to fill for Sasha’s water, and she said her name again!



Coraline also experienced leaf fun. The backyard shed its leaves in a single day. She loved playing in the leaves. We’ve noticed she has a particular laugh she uses when she’s delighted (most of the time, this laugh happens when she’s getting food!) But sometimes other things will really bring it out, particularly new, fun experiences. Spoiler alert: she does not like snow.

This month we’re struggling more with her cheeks and getting a handle on her eczema. It’s manageable, but the poor thing looks flushed most of the time! Coraline doesn’t seem too irritated by it though.


We can just hold Coraline’s hand as she walks along and carries her own lunch bag into school everyday. She tries to run. She likes to have everything kissed for her boo boos, eats better than Jameson, and gets more articulate by the day. Coraline now says “Thank you”, and my favorite, “No thank you” which quickly turned into “No thanks mommy” which isn’t quite as cute.


This is terribly short for all the fun we’ve been having and doing! I suppose we’re spending more time living life right now than recording it, but I don’t really mind. We’re really treasuring this age with Coraline, and frequently comment on her adorable nature. I consider it one of my very favorite ages, and remember feeling that Jameson was simply awesome at this age as well.

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