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Coraline turned 21 months old in December. I’ve been trying a new app to help me track milestones, moments, and quotes, because I’m so far behind here and my phone is on me more often. It’s called Day One, and while I don’t write in it everyday, it is definitely a keeper. Here are some moments that occurred with Miss Coraline this month.

Coraline is 21 months going on 21 years. Just kidding, it’s closer probably to 12 or 13. A dramatic teenager, maybe. Getting to the bathroom first to wash hands is always a race, but Coraline in particular throws a little fit when she loses. The day this photo was taken was complete with hitting the floor and Jameson.

In addition, most injuries, minor or otherwise, require a boo boo kiss and at least a little cry (and if the injury involves hands and feet, both appendages require a kiss). I kind of love it.

Getting to the bathroom first to wash hands is always a race, but Coraline in particular throws a little fit when she loses. Today was complete with hitting the floor and Jameson.


Coraline explored her first snowfalls (that she remembers, since last year doesn’t count in her mind) in November. It actually didn’t snow in December much if at all, but just before Thanksgiving we had a heavy snowfall perfect for making a snow man. I also tried making the kids an igloo which didn’t work out so good, so I just sat them on top of the enormous ball where they were trapped for some photos. She really hated it. This is a very fake smile which involved tears both before and after.


Of course, we also rode the Polar Express, which was delightful, but not as delightful as these matching pajamas. Coraline is already almost outgrowing hers. She’s a great eater; she frequently consumes more than Jameson does, and has a fun little food cackle when something is super yummy or exciting. We are getting that laugh a little less frequently, and I’m bummed it’s going away.

Before we eat, she’s learning how to pray with us. She folds her hands (when she’s not screaming for her food because she’s starving mom!), and at the end says “We eat!” with Jameson. Her hair is getting longer and crazier, like a little mop on her head, which I also adore. She’s been trying to jump (unsuccessfully), and slide downstairs on her butt (almost had an injury with that one once, we definitely still watch her going down the steps though she’s a pro going up). Coraline also tries to put on her own clothes (or Jameson’s, or anyone’s), also unsuccessfully. Jameson helped her put on his underwear over her pants one day, which was hilarious.


She likes to pretend to sleep for half a second, and when we wake her in the morning. Coraline is definitely slower to wake than Jameson ever was. She’s got a wonderful, cheerful demeanor almost every second of the day unless she’s hungry or tired (see above). One day when I picked her up from school, three teachers who hadn’t seen her in a long while all stopped us to try and get hugs from her. She’s definitely a little darling at school, though we continue to struggle with rashes.


Another big moment was that she peed in the potty for the first time! Followed by absolutely no peeing in the potty since. It was a fluke for sure, and she had no idea she did it. But she loves to sit on it, wash her hands, and brush her teeth. She loves our bedtime routine.


Coraline often tries to speak in full sentences and we have no idea what she’s saying. It involves lots of singing as well, and we do recognize some of those songs, including ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, and our favorite Rain Rain Go Away. The past couple months have been a treasure, though we definitely are seeing that drama queen which should add excitement to our little soon-to-be two year old’s life. And ours. I’m assuming at some point the tantrums will be less funny and more annoying, but not yet 🙂

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