All I want for Christmas…

This year, Jameson wants a new lawn mower for Christmas. Like last year, he hasn’t changed his mind at all. The lawn mower is supposed to be like his friend Jonathan’s, and should be ALL blue and ALL orange. It should be like Lily’s lawn mower, but not pink. Of course, we already have a lawn mower, but there’s no harm in having two since it’s the only thing he’s been asking for and we do have two kids, so we let Santa know this is an a-okay gift idea.




Yesterday, he came home with a little wishlist they did at school, which has lawn mower first of course, but also: book, cd, and toys. This kid is easy to buy for! I’m cracking up a little bit about the cd though.

Coraline can identify “Santa”, but otherwise has stayed pretty quiet about what she wants for Christmas. I’m sure a box would satisfy both the kiddos, so I’ve put that close to the top of their wishlists.

Amazon has the best boxes

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