Trimming the Tree

Well it’s almost the end of January, and I think I could use a little reminder about the holiday season. This time of the year is so dark, I miss the lights on the trees and outside. In past years, I’ve used a sun light at my office desk to counteract that, but this year I work at a place that means I can drive to work in the morning light (or overcast as the case may be). I don’t feel the wintertime blues quite as much as in previous years.

It was rainy and wet this year, so we picked out our tree at Home Depot instead of going to the tree farm. The tree did just fine, and actually had some good sturdy branches, which was important since Jameson tried to put all the ornaments in one spot.



On the way home with the tree, Brian told Jameson told hold onto the string to keep the tree from falling off, which was pretty hilarious. Jameson took his job seriously.


Look there’s me trimming the tree too! We put on the lights, and this year we used the multicolored LED star lights. I really don’t like them that much. They are pretty in person, but don’t come out as nice in photos (maybe it’s the LED flicker?). The kids really enjoyed them though. I also got to bring out the wooden cranberry bead garland like I had growing up that my mom bought for me last year.


Then it was time to decorate! As usual, the kids wanted to decorate with all the breakable ornaments. Coraline did actually break one, my tennis racket ornament from high school. It didn’t shatter though, so I was happy there wasn’t clean up. She wasn’t super great at hanging them up, and was much better at taking them down.




Brian helped Jameson reach way up high!


When it was time to take down the tree, I tugged at the garland, one of the strands untied, and a bunch of wooden berries unstrung. I was picking those off the tree and floor for a while (I found most). I love the lights and Christmas time, but there’s something of a relief that happens when the space is cleared up and uncluttered. Ready to fill back up with new toys, of course.

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