Coraline’s First Haircut

Quite a bit later than Jameson’s first haircut (given, she’s a girl), but we finally got Coraline’s hair cut at the end of June in the hopes that it would resolve some of the crazy knots we’ve been having!



She was very intent on her video, and unlike Jameson, was all smiles! She’s also had a couple opportunities to see him in action though, so she didn’t have any fear.



She even sat still enough for a braid, which was pretty amazing to me! (It hasn’t happened since)



It didn’t, however, really affect the knot situation. After a number of shampoos for both Jameson and Coraline, where I tried to go more natural and manage Coraline’s eczema, I was still having trouble. I also tried a detangler, and it helped, but we still struggled. I finally gave in and bought the good stuff from California Baby.

From the very first night we used it, even drying overnight on the pillow, her (and Jameson’s) hair have been silk soft and easy to brush, comb and style. Coraline’s standard style is pig tails (I hope this phase never ends). I can’t believe it took me that long to commit (okay, California Baby is expensive). But totally worth it for me. It’s a baby wash and shampoo, but to make it last we are just using it as shampoo. I love it.

I also bought their “gel”, and I’m pretty happy with it given that it’s “natural” — it’s certainly not going to spike Jameson’s really long hair he’s been growing out. I use it on Coraline and Jameson’s flyaways, not every day, but when we are having a particularly awesome hair day. Morning routines are getting so much easier. Hopefully the fear of that brush will go away soon!

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