Summers End

Coraline has been the most disappointed by summers end I think, in that she doesn’t understand why she must wear pants when she wants to wear a skirt. I tried to compromise this morning with leggings with the skirt, and she got over the trauma after a bit. The other day I had her in a quarter sleeve shirt, and she would tug the sleeves down and push them up. She was very confused as to why they were at her elbow!

Here’s a mish mash of summer highlights, as captured by my phone on the go! The big girl camera stayed in the bag for a while, but I’m starting to bring it back out.

In his element

Splish splash

We had season passes to the local waterpark, and Jameson loved it! He got very brave this summer, going down some bigger slides and tolerating a bit more water on his head. I think next year he’ll be hard to stop in the kid area. Coraline was a little less excited after a little dunking at the end of a slide a couple times. She only wanted to do one slide. She did get a kick out of the life jacket in the wave pool though as long as I was holding on to her.

Sliding buddies

It's hot

We had quite a bit of time with our own little pools and enjoying fun with the neighbors! We also did the farmer’s market again this year and did our crop share program with a local organic farmer. It’s still going on this weekend (here’s a peak at what we got a couple years ago when I did weekly photos)

A beautiful flower at the farmers market

Jameson learned how to pump his swing himself! And Coraline hopped on the big girl swing a few times, getting braver each time.

Swing swing swing

We also finally got out our big water bouncer again after Brian did some patch work to it! We invited friends over a few times to enjoy the summer weekends. Watermelon was almost always involved, the quintessential summer treat.

Say "watermelon!"

With goodbyes to summer, I am welcoming Coraline in adorable tunic shirts, Jameson in beanie hats, and cuddling with Brian for warmth (cause he likes it freezing. WHY?!).

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