Little Gymnast

In other sports news, we have a little gymnast on our hands.

We thought it might help Coraline with her balance and coordination since she stumbles a bit more on her feet than Jameson at her age (might be purely a stereotypical gender thing, but we thought it would be fun and couldn’t hurt!)


Turns out, Coraline is a pretty average 2-1/2 year old gymnast (especially compared to some of the kids in our mommy and me class!), but the most important thing is that she LOVES it.


Coraline is super excited on Tuesdays when I tell her it’s gymnastics day. After a couple sessions, she completely stopped being shy and ran around like she owned the place.


In fact, after one session with poor listening skills, Coraline got a little talking to and a time out in the car. It apparently made a big impressions, since she volunteered “I listen to Miss Laura” after I told her it was gymnastics day. She really has done better since then, too!


I’ve definitely seen progress in what she’s able to do in class, and some initiative out of class as well that makes me think it’s really helping her coordination skills and balance.


Aside from all those benefits, it’s really fun to watch her in class. She’s always delighted and really enjoys herself. We do different things at each class, and the teacher does a great job with helping us as parents go through each station with our kiddos.

My personal favorite is the parachute of course. Coraline tries at every opportunity to go ahead and run underneath it even before it’s time. She also likes to clean up or organize things. Whenever there are leaves, little bears, or bean bags out she wants to collect them and hang on to them.


We end each session the same though: we play with bubbles!


We loved our gym time once a week so much that we decided we’re going to continue so we have 9 more weeks of gym fun through the winter!

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