Jameson’s Last Preschool Christmas Concert

This year, Jameson got to be a reindeer (but not, he declared a little bit disappointed, Rudolf. He was pretty comfortable on stage this year I think, and he’s got one more spring concert before he’s done with preschool concerts, but I can be a little sad about his last Preschool Christmas concert anyway.



His friend Nathan has started coming back to our school after a couple year hiatus. Right now, he’s not in the full time classes, but they will be together again soon! They won’t be in the same class, but will see each other mornings and afternoons when they frequently combine the classes. We’ve enjoyed seeing them a few times with our neighborhood Halloween party and a few playdates, and Jameson still considers him to be one of his really good friends. (The term “best” is flexible and depends on the day!)

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