Kindergarten Registration

from Instagram:

Attended kindergarten registration last week! Jameson doesn’t have his screening for another few weeks yet.

We’ve started to make our plans for next year when our daily life for 5 years changes from daycare drop off, work, daycare pick up, playtime, dinner, bedtime.

Right now, the plan is to try and avoid morning care and let him get on the bus at our house, so he only will need afternoon care. We plan to use the same daycare for that rather than the city-run before and after program since we have Coraline attending there still. One pick up is better than two!

There’s still significant money savings, and part of my excitement is for that, I won’t deny it. But I know I’m going to miss simple homework-free evenings and simple mornings where breakfast is packed to eat at daycare instead of the earlier rising we’ll need to do to prepare for school.

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