New Ride

This summer, I said goodbye to this wonderful vehicle, the first I bought on my own almost 9 years ago. I even signed it away with my maiden name, for probably the last time. I loved my Kia Sportage, but it was lacking in so many of the nice safety features newer cars have. (And most of Jameson’s daycare payment going away was my incentive for timing).

Here’s my new car on a morning weekend run. It’s a 2017 Subaru Outback. It’s quite a change – push button start, back up camera, all kinds of safety alerts and fancy cruise control. I do love the new car, and the new color, but sometimes I find myself missing my distinctive green in the parking lot!

It’s taken Coraline a bit more time to get used to it. She said she didn’t like this car for a while (but I think that might also be because I was making her get in this car herself since it’s not too high for her). Jameson seemed indifferent after the initial enthusiasm for the new ride!

I, however, still love driving it with the same new enthusiasm a couple months later. Not tired of it yet!

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