I got a lot of inspiration from everyone in the livejournal weddingplans community for pocket invitations. I am very thrifty though so I didn’t want to use the templates that will require a) more postage because they’re square; and b) require odd sized paper. So I designed these invites below! So far I have priced my paper totaling somewhere around $12.

I need about 85 invitations. There is a nearby store that sells cardstock at $1.25 a pound–they approximate 30-45 of 8.5 X 11 sheets of cardstock per pound. To make my invitations, I need about 85 of the folder color, 2 sheets per invite of the cream color (170 sheets), and for a select few who will not be able to RSVP online, 10 or so sheets of another color. 265 total sheets.

The reddish paper is textured, the cream is smooth. I am wondering if having textured paper will make it seem cheaper or if it will give it a more “expensive” look? Also, my colors are salmon, yellow and green (shades for all these colors could really vary, so I’m not too concerned with matching an exact shade, especially for the salmon color. The color here on the invite is pretty intense but it’s the closest I could find.. any suggestions of where I might find a better color for just as cheap??)

It’s a good thing that I have a little while yet to get these done, because it is pretty tedious. I am planning on printing it myself and putting ribbon around it. I also have some stamps already purchased for another project and I have a beautiful color to edge my inserts. A couple more inserts will be added, and I still need the main piece, but here’s how they’re shaping up (this is just my mock up so I know the stamped edges are a little odd).

Thoughts, suggestions??




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  1. looks really nice. id say if you use the ‘right’ textured paper, it will not look cheap. i cant really describe what the ‘right’ kind is, but you’re smart, you’ll know 🙂
    also, dress is beautiful. sorry i havent had time to comment!

    1. Thank you 🙂 That’s okay! You sound busy!
      Yeah, I think I’m going to go for solid, untextured paper. It just seems cleaner to me. If I can’t pay for metallic shininess, I’m going for clean 🙂

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