I finally finished and ordered a copy of my book, “Family Record – David & Jeanine Family History” Compiled and recorded by Hilary.

It’s a beautiful thing that is many many years in the making. I started working on genealogy stuff before college, took an extended break, and dove back into it after school. It’s by no means finished–genealogy is never finished. I have people from other branches to contact, I have visits to Missouri to plan, I have more graveyards to visit, phone calls to make, letters to write… I have dreams to fill still. But this is Edition 1 and will be a gift to my parents (and myself naturally) this year for Christmas. They know I was writing it but they have not seen it with photos at all, just the guts. I am hoping they will be pleasantly surprised.

But this leaves me at loose ends. I mean, there is wedding stuff to plan, but I am waiting on some online orders to come in before I can move forward with invitations. I bought a die cut & embossing machine the other day. It was on sale + I get an employee discount. It’s been on my list for a few years now, it was just a decision about which one to get that was holding me up. But when I finally decided I needed to have one that embosses, that cut my choices in half and made it easier. I purchased the Sizzix BigKick.

Wedding aside, I need to start Christmas shopping. I’m running out of time pretty quickly. The time is simply flying by this year. I have no idea why; if I though college flew by, I had no idea what I was talking about.

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  1. Just curious, how much was the diecut embossing machine? Well, without your discount. I’m just curious because that would be a great thing for me to eventually get for teaching, and I would get a lot of use out of it. Just wondered!

    1. Die Cut Machine recommendation
      Here is my recommendation for you. If you don’t really want to texturize paper, but you want to be able to cut shapes, stick with a die cut machine only.
      The Cricut Personal Diecutting Machine (not the Cricut Expression, just the regular one) is going on sale for black friday at $99. It was super tempting for me but I eventually decided that it wouldn’t be worth it because it won’t texturize paper. The machine takes cartridges which, yes, also tend to run on the pricey side, but you can watch for those to go on sale and they contain about a hundred different shapes in one cartridge. You can then use the machine to put those shapes in any size you want! This would be a better deal for you because there are a billion more options with that than with the Sizzix or any other manual die cut machine, and certainly it would be easier to use because you wouldn’t have to manually crank anything.
      The $99 price is super low and probably the best deal you’ll find. But if you don’t want to commit to buying anything this weekend, let me know when you are and I will purchase it with my discount if you like (unless you find it cheaper elsewhere :)) Also, I have a big chart I created for Jo-Ann that has all the die cut machines we carry (we carry most of the major brands but there are some we don’t) that I can send you. You can also try out our die cut machine selector to help you narrow down what you’re looking for (go here and then select the “CLICK HERE TO FIND THE DIECUT MACHINE THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU” that is in the product description)
      I’m not really trying to sell you on Jo-Ann but I did a huge project on these die cut machines so I know a lot 🙂 For the record, the Sizzix BigKick was on sale for $59.99 (normally $99.99) and with my discount was $50.

      1. Re: Die Cut Machine recommendation
        Thanks! I’ll probably wait, maybe next year or in the future. I was just curious because I eventually wouldn’t mind getting one, I just can’t afford that right now. I also get a discount at joann’s being a teacher, I think I get 15% which isn’t much but it’s something. Not sure if I could use it on sale items, it may just be only useable on regular priced items. But yeah thanks for the recommendation and I’ll have to check that out for the future! 🙂

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