Quick Wedding Update

I finally finished all 55+ of my Christmas cards! It was rough this year, because people who I normally would not send Christmas cards to got ones so that I could stuff in my Save the Dates. Which only went to people who would have to make travel arrangements. Because there are so many pieces to the invitations, I need to start the outside pocket early so by the time all the information is finalized, I still have time to put the inserts together.

We got a photographer! His name is Dale Kincaid and he’s experienced with shooting photos in Cuyahoga National Park, which is where the wedding is. He has also done one other wedding in our church, which is a bonus. We’re excited because he’s done quite a few photos out by the covered bridge, which we like. Among Brian’s few requests/preferences were great photos, so we were looking some in a higher price range than I originally expected. However, this guy is fantastic. He’ll be providing us the RAW digital files (we’ll to pay an extra fee for that), though we’ll still be having him print a lot for us, because he does some great artistic work. He’s also very friendly and talkative, which is a plus at a wedding where you need to get people smiling and not be too intrusive!

I’m waiting for one of my bridesmaids to return from vacation to give me her opinion on some bridesmaid dresses that we looked at the other week. After that, I’ll be making a decision and hopefully everyone will be able to get sized and ordered by the second week of January. I also need to see a florist (have to start making a list), a DJ and a cake maker! Then I need to get shoes and find someone to alter my gown… then… well, one step at a time.

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  1. I feel you on the need for a change at work. I”m the same way at school. The best thing I can say is tell you manager you would like the change if possible to have something different. Be positive about it all. I may have to have a similar talk with my pricipal later this year, I”m not liking 3rd grade so much.
    Good luck with work and enjoy wedding planning!

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