The Family HIstory book was a hit! My grandma absolutely LOVED hers and spent hours pouring through it. Said it was the best gift she’s ever received! My parents liked theirs as well. I got a new white-light lamp which I like to use for crafting, because my old one was from Big Lots and dying. I also got the little box die cut templates I want to use to make favors, so that’ll be nice, as well as some random geeky stuff from dad, like a little plasma ball that plugs into the USB port of the computer. I brought that in to work, haha 🙂

It was a nice Christmas visit, aside from the long driving time (from picking up Grandma, adds almost 2 hours onto the trip that’s already 3.5 hours). I think my mom enjoyed it more than she thought, because she was upset earlier that I wasn’t coming down for Christmas and didn’t come down for Thanksgiving and missed Christmas last year… she was feeling neglected. But Brian and I spent quality time with them, we played some board games and watched movies and stayed up late.

I worked today, wrapped gifts tonight and had a wonderful roast meal cooked by Brian (since he didn’t work today, he made a nice dinner and did a lot of house work). Oh! We finally got our bathtub refinished, it looks like a brand new tub, it’s amazingly white!! So the bathroom is finally done being remodeled… now just to keep it clean.. haha.

And, for the wedding update: So the bridesmaid dresses will be from Forever Yours, The color is coral with an ivory sash. The coral color isn’t really like the one they have on the site, it’s actually closer to this which is ginger on another brand. They sent me a swatch so now Brian and I need to go around and find tuxes that come close to that color since this brand doesn’t have a tux line.

So far, we’re on a tight deadline for getting the dresses in in time. If we order by beginning of January, they’ll come in late March/early April which should be enough time for any alternations needed for the girls. It feels like time is just flying and Brian and I are really behind! But I think we are actually okay, and pacing ourselves okay.

I’m researching florists right now so I can see how much it would cost to have them do something. I’m actually leaning towards a square vase now with lemons and/or limes lining it with some short flowers. But I’m flexible, all depends on cost. Other next steps are the DJ and cake person, and then we get started on detail work.

I began working on invitations. I have 20 pocket folds done (the inserts will come later, after we finalize all information). I’m pacing myself at around 15 per week so I’ll be done in January and will be able to do the inserts and get them all out in a timely manner. I’m afraid I may be over 1 ounce though which means extra stamps.. but since we’re having most people RSVP online it might be okay.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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  1. You are so organized….wow!!! I only hope I’ll be as organized when I plan my future wedding. The dresses look very pretty! And love the color! I love how it’s different, sometimes it gets old seeing the same old colors at every wedding. You know, there’s always Katie and me that could help with invitations if needed, we are only a quick drive away 😉 haha

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