Happy 2009

It’s a little weird for me to say that it’s 2009 because at work, we go by a fiscal year, our fiscal year starts in February and is a year ahead… so it’s been fiscal year (FY) 09 for 11 months for me. For one short month of January, we will be the same fiscal year as the actual year. It’s just weird… and we use FY09 in almost everything we do.

For New Years, Brian and I went to Hibachi Wasabi for a second year in a row with JP & Lisa (couple we went to Mexico with, both are in the wedding). We also went with JP’s brother and girlfriend. It was a blast as usual! This places pours saki down your throat! We requested the wild guy we saw taking care of another table and got him! He was hilarious. I had the best scallops I have ever had–they were so tender. I just love the sauce that goes on them! We went back and the girls chatted while the boys played Wii until ball drop time, then we all went downstairs to play Wii games. We tried out Ravin… Rabids, those creepy wacked out rabbit games that I always see commercials for. That’s a crazy game. I drove us home and we got back around 3:30 and crashed. I woke up around noon, I can’t remember the last time I did that! Yesterday then I can’t even remember what we did, I was so lazy. Brian made us pork roast and saurkraut, stuffing the pork with garlic. Oh my goodness… not a big pork fan, but this was tender, juicy and amazing!

Today, Brian’s old friend Hollie and her three girls came over. We gave them cute crafty gifts from Jo-Ann’s. We went to the Winking Lizard where they go to see a real live lizard! And came back and played games on the Wii and chilled.

So 2009 is going to bring some great things for me! We’re getting married, and hopefully we’ll be moving by the end of 2009, and maybe even a new position… I’m excited for all the wonderful things coming my way! I’m not doing resolutions this year, because a) I never remember them, and b) I don’t even think there will be time to remember them! We have a house to get ready to sell (living room and kitchen still need work, basement needs reorganized… redecorating… ahhh and of course, wedding stuff which has caused me to dream a couple times now crazy wedding dreams. I dreamed a few weeks ago that one of the bridesmaids died and I was worried about whether to leave an empty chair in honor of her or to pick a new one!

Anyway, think I will be calling some florists and/or bakers tomorrow, and heading out to Great Lakes Brewery in the evening… then to a bar or two and finally to see one of Brian’s play a show! Good times. The long weekend is going by too quickly for me.

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