March, Seriously?

Okay, I last updated in October, which seems like a ridiculously long time to go without posting. I guess you could say it’s been a whirlwind, consisting mainly of holidays and getting the house ready to sell.

So our contract with the realtor we have ends March 31. Hopefully he is super motivated to get this thing sold. We had an offer, but it was way too low. He was looking for a deal, but Brian and I aren’t desperate (yet). We have friends who took nearly a year to sell their house. If Brian and I get to that point, ask us again.

The first set of houses that we went and looked at were difficult for me. I had a hard time looking at things that I couldn’t have yet (probably would sell before we sold) and a hard time looking at houses that I hated as soon as I walked in them (waste of time). It ended on the worst note because we stopped at Brian’s co-worker’s house. Him and his wife had recently purchased a house at a great price for what they got; plus it was a new construction and just phenomenal. Brian and I, to get the tax credit, are not going to be able to build a house nor are there any new houses by that builder in progress to snatch up either so… I had fallen in love with a house that was an impossibility.

I got over it. This past weekend we looked at some more houses. We saw one with potential that was reasonably priced and then saw one that we both loved though it was huge and looked like it would get snatched up really quick. So I quickly put that from my mind (though it had an amazing craft room and bar…. sigh…)

Well, we found a house that we love above all others…. question is, will they take a contingent offer? (that is, go under contract with us that we will buy their house after ours sells). Things look fairly promising, but we don’t have a firm yes or no yet, after which of course we have to negotiate a price, time limit… etc… The house is closer to Brian’s parents and it also is higher priced than any others, but taxes are lower there and if we lock in that super low interest rate this week, the house is still well within our reach. The house is also for sale by owner and we haven’t gotten our realtor involved yet because obviously there is more flexibility that way. We’ll see.

This week I feel pretty optimistic. Ask me again tomorrow, it might be a different story but right now I feel really good about things. We had a good showing this past weekend and that realtor plans on bringing another potential buyer over. Snow is finally starting to melt so people will be able to see the yard hopefully by the weekend. The yard is the selling point.

So back to the new love of my life, this house. It has a three car garage, second floor laundry, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, unfinished 12 course basement (the basement is smaller due to the extra garage but still lots of good finishable space and ready for another bath down there too). It has an extra poured concrete spot next to the garage, and patio in the back. 1/2 acre lot which is considerable for the houses we’ve been looking at. Hard to move down from .9 acres to .25! But this .5 is do-able. Invisible fence already installed. Real fence along the back of the yard, all the same fence along the back of the neighbor’s on either side also. Beautiful kitchen, lots of closet space. New neighborhood, the house was built in 2007. Young people next door too. What more could you possibly want? Not a thing. This is nearly my dream house and everything we’ve been looking for.

Hope hope hope

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    1. Thanks! We still don’t really have a yes or no, but we’re sitting down with them on Saturday. Enough time to finish bank loan paperwork and do a title search, so that’s good…. still hopeful!

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