So after weeks of waiting for my parents to come up and see the house, we are finally able to share the good news! Brian and I are having a baby. We are at nearly 14 weeks and are due Dec. 23, 2010. Hopefully it won’t be a Christmas baby… haha. My mom is excited since it is due the day after her birthday. Wouldn’t it be neat if Peapod was born on the same day?

We aren’t sure yet if we’re going to find out the gender yet. Brian and I keep switching – first I didn’t want to find out, and he did, then it was the other way around! We’ll see, we have a couple months yet to figure out what we want to do. That ultrasound is week 20. We already had our first ultrasound at 8 weeks. I think there’s a lot of cute clothes out there though that are gender specific…

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