So after weeks of waiting for my parents to come up and see the house, we are finally able to share the good news! Brian and I are having a baby. We are at nearly 14 weeks and are due Dec. 23, 2010. Hopefully it won’t be a Christmas baby… haha. My mom is excited since it is due the day after her birthday. Wouldn’t it be neat if Peapod was born on the same day?

We aren’t sure yet if we’re going to find out the gender yet. Brian and I keep switching – first I didn’t want to find out, and he did, then it was the other way around! We’ll see, we have a couple months yet to figure out what we want to do. That ultrasound is week 20. We already had our first ultrasound at 8 weeks. I think there’s a lot of cute clothes out there though that are gender specific…

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Done and Moved

We are a week into our new house! I love love love it. Moving was stressful and no fun, but totally worth it in the end. And the last thing you want to do after moving into a new house is clean the old, but we did and left it fairly pleasant I think.

We did decide to get the furniture from my parents the day before our official move, so that was good and meant we didn’t have to move old furniture we were getting rid of anyway. Tony took it off our hands. My parents furniture, while probably just as old, is in slightly better condition and reclines, which is excellent!

The house is practically like new, and they even steam cleaned the carpets before we moved in which is super! The puppy had a hard time for the first couple days, but is pretty good now. Staying off furniture and off the bed, and learning the electric fence. Not too bad thus far! Brian already is investing in a couple home improvement things, I’m not surprised. We got a new thermostat and a water thing for upstairs which I don’t fully understand but means that the water will warm much quicker and we won’t waste as much water waiting for the heat.

It’s weird having so many bathrooms! And a pantry and cabinets that actually hold everything we own! We have rediscovered some wedding gifts. Kitchen is pretty much unpacked, closet is pretty much unpacked. There’s decorating stuff in the dining room and the office still needs a lot of work (computer is not yet up and running). But the house is almost guest ready. I took some more days off (Friday & Monday this weekend) to do some extra unpacking, though I haven’t really gotten much done in reality so far.

I recently got a promotion at work and will be switching to the IT department on June 1. The position is a Business Analyst position and  I will continue working with the .com team in a different capacity, though continuing to manage our testing process for code releases.

I think next weekend Brian and I are going to look at bedroom furniture, and a little table for the entryway. Oh I just have to say also that the laundry room on the second floor is amazing. I LOVE it. And our neighbors seem really nice (at least one set; we haven’t really met the others). The ones we’ve met are named Curtis and Kelly. They are both pharmacists and are expecting their first baby in August (a surprise). They seem very nice and young, I think we will hang out.

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Just playing the waiting game now! So I will write about other stuff:

We spent Easter at my parents in Centerville, which was very nice. Everyone was home, and (maybe because I can’t let childhood go), I had my mom hide eggs and our baskets still. I love that part of Easter, it’s entertaining, and fun to have Brian do it too haha. My mom started writing poems for clues to hiding places back when we first move to the house on Sentinel Oak (what was that, some 10 years ago now?). Anyway, it is a firmly planted tradition now even though it only started after we were all older.

My brother is spending the fall in Florida doing the Disney program in his major, Industrial Engineering. We are all supremely proud of him, and I am excited he will get to spend some time away from school which I think is a very good thing. Not because he’s not doing well, but because I am a firm believer in studying abroad (or elsewhere in the US as the case may be). It’s awesome to gain new experiences like that.

My lightbox which I was using to photograph my jewelry was taken apart with some of our last showings (as we were starting to get desperate to make our house look big and inviting). Anyway, I have thus not taken any new pictures of jewelry that I’ve created, though I have done a few. The most recent one combines chain, which is a new thing for me. I am going to do another chain one soon that I think will be good enough to sell. I am still enjoying the hobby!

This upcoming weekend I am headed to Columbus for a (mini) reunion with old friends, and to see Jamie’s new house which will surely make me jealous! I am impatient and have noticed this month to be harder than before to try and stay motivated and positive. I am ready for this all to be over. We started packing in the house last weekend (Brian started packing the garage earlier); I put away all the rest of the books and started in the office closet which currently houses all my crafting items. This week I want to finish the office and take things off the walls. I hate wrapping stuff in bubble wrap, so I don’t want to wait til the last minute and get sloppy on those types of items.

I will post pictures of the new place once we are settled! My parents are giving us some furniture of theirs that we aren’t picking up til end of May, so chances are there won’t be pictures until then. They are giving us their old couches, my old day bed (less the mattresses), a gliding chair, elliptical and some other stuff. I am super pumped about it, it will be so nice to have like-new furniture!

Anyway, that is all that’s new on this end. Til next time.

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It actually already feels like old news to me, I can’t believe how fast things are moving!

So very shortly after my last post, we got a phone call from our realtor; apparently the guy who low balled us weeks ago came back looking for some further  negotiation. After some short back and forth and pre-approval on his end (he’s retired so had a fixed income), we negotiated to both our satisfactions. It’s still lower than what Brian paid for it 8 or so years ago, but it’s understandable considering the market. In fact shortly after we signed the contract, I started getting emails (Washington Post, I skim headlines) about the housing market being at record lows again, so all things considered I feel very lucky and the man should feel like he’s getting a deal. Our realtor said it was the cleanest offer he’d seen in a long time (no contingencies, etc.)

I was a little concerned about inspection; after all the house is really old and there are a lot of things that will need replaced at some point. The man only wanted a replaced electrical box! This was also excellent considering we already dipped very low from our original asking price.

Conveniently, this all started happening just before we sat down with the for-sale-by-owner couple; our “contingent” offer was much less contingent. We were able to say it would be just contingent on the current pending offer of our house, which sounds much better than contingent on some unknown pending sale in the distant future.

We sat down with them a number of times, for several hours each time, negotiating the price down and trying to get some amenities to make up for the higher price. We didn’t involve our realtor. It was a little weird, negotiating for the most expensive thing we’ve ever owned, sitting down at a table without an intermediary.

All in all, it’s a fair price for what we are getting (3 car garage, bigger yard, all appliances including washer & dryer, etc.., not to mention we negotiated for the dining room table, a small bedroom set and twin bed upstairs so at least we don’t have to buy guest room furniture any time soon, and a lower bathroom cabinet). I am particularly exciting about the dining room table because that is a luxury we probably wouldn’t have purchased any time soon and we would have had an empty room for a while!

The house is about 5 minutes or less from Brian’s parents; it’s just 2 years old and needs no work done; what we will work on will be for fun, for us, not because we have to. I am excited to plant flowers and make my own house beautiful!

So we are sale pending, not technically sold, but all inspections and appraisals are done so I expect no issues. We are supposed to close end of April, though I am wondering if we will be able to make things move a little quicker. Everyone has been very quick so far! Now, I am just waiting…

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March, Seriously?

Okay, I last updated in October, which seems like a ridiculously long time to go without posting. I guess you could say it’s been a whirlwind, consisting mainly of holidays and getting the house ready to sell.

So our contract with the realtor we have ends March 31. Hopefully he is super motivated to get this thing sold. We had an offer, but it was way too low. He was looking for a deal, but Brian and I aren’t desperate (yet). We have friends who took nearly a year to sell their house. If Brian and I get to that point, ask us again.

The first set of houses that we went and looked at were difficult for me. I had a hard time looking at things that I couldn’t have yet (probably would sell before we sold) and a hard time looking at houses that I hated as soon as I walked in them (waste of time). It ended on the worst note because we stopped at Brian’s co-worker’s house. Him and his wife had recently purchased a house at a great price for what they got; plus it was a new construction and just phenomenal. Brian and I, to get the tax credit, are not going to be able to build a house nor are there any new houses by that builder in progress to snatch up either so… I had fallen in love with a house that was an impossibility.

I got over it. This past weekend we looked at some more houses. We saw one with potential that was reasonably priced and then saw one that we both loved though it was huge and looked like it would get snatched up really quick. So I quickly put that from my mind (though it had an amazing craft room and bar…. sigh…)

Well, we found a house that we love above all others…. question is, will they take a contingent offer? (that is, go under contract with us that we will buy their house after ours sells). Things look fairly promising, but we don’t have a firm yes or no yet, after which of course we have to negotiate a price, time limit… etc… The house is closer to Brian’s parents and it also is higher priced than any others, but taxes are lower there and if we lock in that super low interest rate this week, the house is still well within our reach. The house is also for sale by owner and we haven’t gotten our realtor involved yet because obviously there is more flexibility that way. We’ll see.

This week I feel pretty optimistic. Ask me again tomorrow, it might be a different story but right now I feel really good about things. We had a good showing this past weekend and that realtor plans on bringing another potential buyer over. Snow is finally starting to melt so people will be able to see the yard hopefully by the weekend. The yard is the selling point.

So back to the new love of my life, this house. It has a three car garage, second floor laundry, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, unfinished 12 course basement (the basement is smaller due to the extra garage but still lots of good finishable space and ready for another bath down there too). It has an extra poured concrete spot next to the garage, and patio in the back. 1/2 acre lot which is considerable for the houses we’ve been looking at. Hard to move down from .9 acres to .25! But this .5 is do-able. Invisible fence already installed. Real fence along the back of the yard, all the same fence along the back of the neighbor’s on either side also. Beautiful kitchen, lots of closet space. New neighborhood, the house was built in 2007. Young people next door too. What more could you possibly want? Not a thing. This is nearly my dream house and everything we’ve been looking for.

Hope hope hope

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Crafty Fun and Updates

It’s been a long time again — and it’s just flown by. Work has been very hectic. We’re in the middle of upgrading to a new site and everything has been revamped– the look and feel and the software and backend hardware. The time frame is just painful so I’ve worked a few weekends (fairly short hours, not too bad) and evenings. Although, not as much now as it was just a month or so ago. It’s getting to crunch time though and we’re all feeling the pressure.

In other news, Brian and I are getting the house ready to sell. We recently got the basement waterproofed and the one room has nice white plastic walls now and is pretty much empty. Looks so much better! Also got the driveway re-sealed.

I’ve also been working on some new crafts. In September, I learned how to use my sewing machine and made pillow cases for the pillows on the couch, which look really nice. I have a pattern to make a cool bird mobile, which I’m keeping in my back pocked for that someday. Also, I started making some more jewelry. Recall I made the necklaces and earrings the girls wore for the wedding. I took a class with my co-worker Joni and now am setting up shop! I have three on there, with another ready to go. I’ve got some materials to make a light box which will allow me to take better pictures of my jewelry, so I’m waiting to put the fourth up there for when I have that done. So I haven’t sold anything yet, but that’s okay… I’m enjoying myself tremendously and I kind of want to have a good number up there and have a “grand opening” sale. Here’s my shop:

Soon Brian and I will combine computer rooms and computers, and get rid of my desktop that I’ve had for 5-6 or so years. It’s getting cranky. Then we’ll turn the other spare room into a second bedroom for house selling. We want to put the house up by February. I’m sooo ready to move!

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Aug. 12, 2009

So I’m sitting here with a glass of red wine, working on work stuff and I thought maybe I should take a break and write a post–it’s been a long while since I last updated. I think it was about the wedding. It’s crazy how much time has already gone by since the wedding.

A lot of people have asked me if things are different after you’re married. Of course this depends dramatically on if you have lived with your fiance beforehand… for Brian and I it wasn’t different at all, except maybe that we’re both much more relaxed than we were in the months leading up to the wedding. I get to sign my name different, that was difficult. I have said my new name out loud a few times now and it still sounds weird. But I like being Mrs. Hilary Thomas.

I still miss Sir Chewy, still expect to get another one after moving… and moving seems closer and closer. Come January I think we’ll start looking (cross your fingers!). Brian is contacting landscapers this week to schedule the front yard to (finally) get re-done. It needs regraded, house needs waterproofed around the basement, not to mention the flower beds we’ll need to re-add and plant new plants. The shrub/flower planting can wait until next spring but the grass needs to get in around the end of this month.

The garden is so-so. Guess that’s what happens when you plant late, get so busy you don’t weed, and forget about the running water sprinkler or likewise forget to water altogether. We’ve gotten some beans, will get some pepper and perhaps a cucumber or two. Basil is returning to life after being mutilated by japanese beetles, so we’ll get some tasty pesto sauce with that.

Work is stressful. We’re in the middle of an upgrade and soon we’ll be coming in on weekends on a “volunteer” basis (if we don’t come in just to get more work done on our own…). Thank you’s need done, basement needs thoroughly clean, pictures need put on walls (we have frames empty but no photos in them haha). And time keeps flying by, I feel like I’m barely keeping up! But I’m enjoying every moment with Brian.

In recent news, I went to visit Sara at BG this weekend and that was a blast! It was great to get away. We ate at a tasty Italian joint, Zia’s, on the river-front. We visited the art museum and made our own glass flowers! That was a amazing and scary; they had us really stand in front of the 2,000 degree furnace holding molten glass the temperature of lava. Mine turned out great, I saw a picture though I haven’t seen it yet. I have to pick it up from Sara, maybe sometime Brian and I will visit the Toledo zoo or something. We also spent some time in some cool bars, one of which was a re-done old time cinema which was very cool.

Ciao for now!

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Photos and Stuff from the Wedding!

Photos by Dale Kincaid, (c) Somewhere in Time Photography

The church was Church in the Valley in Peninsula, Ohio. It’s an adorable non-denominational church who let us bring in our own pastor, I loved it. There was a day-of coordinator lady, which is not the same lady that I worked with when booking, it was a different lady who worked with us specifically the day before and the day of I found out. She was FANTASTIC, I can’t say enough about her. She put on the bouts for the gents and made sure everything ran perfect, cued everyone and did all the little things.

Ceremony programs, with our rings. I enlisted help putting them together with ladies at work. I didn’t have the music in them because we didn’t meet with the organist until just a week beforehand, after I printed the programs. The organist was decent. She did mix up the mother and the girls entry song, but it didn’t matter really. She came with the church, they have an electric baby grand.

The top of the program is vellum which I was excited to find really reasonable in a packet of 50 sheets at Jo-Ann’s. Had to mention it haha.

Putting my new earrings in. I like mirror photos. I loved where we got ready, it was a little room upstairs and then we took the elevator to the basement and came up at the rear of the church.

My groom, Brian, getting serious.

All the groomsmen got gear cufflinks which I think they were pretty psyched about. I got the ladies nice bags with their jewelry, and then different things for a nice personal touch. I also paid for part of their hair or nails, whichever they wanted to use the money for. We had nails done the day before, and hair and make up for some of us that morning at Solaire in Hudson. It was nice getting it done all at the same place.

All my ladies. I was pretty pumped there was a rocking chair where we were getting ready, it really calmed me down.

Flowers were done by Petals at Ivy Hill, Joanne works out of her home. I didn’t see her that day at all but she delivered beautiful fresh flowers on time! We did intense color for me, and paler versions for the ladies. Colors were coral, yellow and green. I did ivy in my bouquet in honor of my mother. You can put the ivy in water and it will grow roots, which I think is pretty cool. My mom still has her plant from when she got married.

  • Ushers seat the guests (Prelude music)Grandparents of the Bride & Groom are seated
  • Parents of the Bride & Groom are seated – ended up being Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring because she mixed them up, oh well!
  • The Minister and Groom and Groomsmen enter from the side.
  • The Bridal party enters and proceeds to the front (Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, but she accidentally did Ode to Joy)
  • Music begins for the Bride’s entrance (Trumpet Tune)
  • The Bride and her father enter and are met by the Groom. Father remains standing by Bride until Giving of the Bride.



Congregation seated




Song of Solomon 2:10-13; 8:6-7

Included a reading from the Velveteen Rabbit, which I put on the back of the programs too.

The Little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Chapter 21, The Little Prince Befriends the Fox


I, (name), take you, (name), to be my friend, my lover, and my (husband/wife). I will be yours in times of plenty and in times of want, in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of joy and in times of sorrow, in times of failure and in times of triumph. I promise to cherish and respect you, to care and protect you, to comfort and encourage you, and stay with you, for all eternity.


Brian and Hilary have written love letters to each other to be sealed with a bottle of wine in a box. The Minister will present the box and elaborate on the meaning of the ceremony and seal the box with the first nail; Brian and Hilary will follow nailing the box shut. The box will be displayed in a place of honor and will be opened on their fifth wedding anniversary. There is only one other reason the box should be opened before the anniversary. If there should come a time when Brian and Hilary hit a bumpy road in their relationship, before they give up or make any irrational decisions, open the Wine Box. Even if they are not seeing eye-to-eye at that very moment, it will remind them of all the reasons they choose this person as their partner and all the things that helped shape the life they’ve created together.

Marriage is a coming together of two lives, and a celebration of the love of two people. But it is more. The love that you feel for one another is the flowering of a seed your mothers planted in your hearts many years ago. Their love for you has brought them great happiness and great challenges, and their love did not diminish as they met these challenges. That is the great lesson you can bring into your marriage. As you embrace one another in your love, so too do you embrace the families which have been brought together on this happy occasion. As a token of your gratitude for your families, I would like to ask you to offer these symbols of eternal love, these roses, to your mothers.


And now to Brian, Hilary, and all present:
The LORD bless you and keep you
The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you;
The LORD life up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Brian T—

Wedding Joy

We did the love letter and wine box ceremony and gave roses to our mothers instead of doing the unity candle.

Kiss the bride! A good friend of ours from work is also a pastor and did our ceremony. It made a nice personal touch.

We got to pull our own church bell!!!

All the ladies and gents.

We took photos of us at Everett Road Covered Bridge, same place we had engagement photos taken. Beautiful all seasons!

Okay I won’t do too many of these but I loved all the shots we got. Our photographer was Dale Kincaid, Somewhere in Time Photography, and not only were the photos we got wonderful, he came out to the rehearsal the day before to see the church and introduced himself to everyone. He made a point of memorizing people’s names and got all the family shots. He also has a lot of experience shooting photos in the Cuyahoga National Park, so these outdoor shots were just perfect.

Reception hall was Acker-Moore Banquet Hall (VFW). It’s a beautiful new place, we were really happy with it. We got the liquor from them and catering was Totally Cooked. Everyone RAVED about the food, especially the shells and cheese.

The cake was really good, by Judy’s Sweet Sensations, although I was a little less than thrilled about the look of it. Funny, cause normally it’s the other way around in that it looks pretty and tastes bad, so I would rather have it this way. We didn’t have a cake knife set so the caterer put one together for us haha. Little things didn’t matter at all that day.

Gives you another nice photo of the hall. I made my own toss bouquet but the girl who caught it was the guest of another girl I invited, who I didn’t know at all so that was kind of disappointing.

One more. Not everyone likes the chicken dance, but I do 🙂 DJ was Johnny V DJ. He was wonderful, played everything we asked for and got the crowd moving. He did switch our bouquet toss/garter toss music accidentally but that’s okay, again, nothing mattered at all that day.

6-6:30    Guest Arrival
6:30    Wedding Party Arrival
6:40    Grand Entrance Bridal Party “Icky Thump”; Bride & Groom “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse
6:50    Blessing by Pastor Jason
6:55    Toasts made by Maid of Honor, Holly & Best Man JP
7:00    Dinner buffet style
7:45    Cake Cutting
8:00    First Dance “Rose of my Heart” by Johnny Cash
8:05    Father Daughter Dance “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart
8:10    Mother Son Dance “In My Life” by Beatles
8:15    Wedding Party Dance “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin; parents joined in midway
8:20-8:40    Open Dancing
8:40    Bouquet Toss “Electric Feel” by MGMT
8:45    Garter Toss “Que Onda Guero” by Beck (he switched these though)
8:50    Dollar Dance “Money” by Pink Floyd
9:00-9:30    Open Dancing
9:30    Last Dance “Love You ‘Till The End” by The Pogues
Except it was much later than 9:30 by that time, more like 11 or whatever. Time just flew by.

We honeymooned at the Majestic Colonial, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was wonderfu! The people were great and the food was tasty. Love love love the all inclusive, you don’t have to worry about anything. The beaches here were the best I have ever seen, too.

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A Memorial

I thought my first post back from the honeymoon would be about happy times, and fun times, but sadly it is not to be… I’ll save it for another post. We came home around 1 am on Tuesday to find Sir Chewy barely moving at all, at first we thought he had passed. We rushed him to the emergency vet that takes in small exotics and left him overnight. The prognosis, at first, was good and we just thought he had a broken leg or maybe had pined for us being gone so long and stopped eating. However, by 4 pm the vet was telling us it was probably a neuro problem, which can be caused by anything from bacteria and virus to I guess a chin stroke to… anything. We got there around 5 to see him and he was almost entirely still. We were going to put him on anti inflammatories for about 3 days and if no response, a decision would have to be made. However, we left and 5 minutes later the vet phoned us because Sir Chewy had made his own decision. We put him to rest yesterday in the backyard in the middle of a flower garden. We buried him with his fleece hammock, a fresh ball of wood, cinamon pet pasta, a big apple stick, a piece of lava rock, and his fleece frog buddy in a cardboard box on which Brian and I wrote thoughts about him on.

Sir Chewy loved apple sticks, they were a treat for him. His favorite treat though was cinamon pet pasta and he would do anything for it. Brian like to make him reach for it, and when he did I swear Sir Chewy stretched to almost a foot tall. He had salt and pepper fur, which was gray after his ash baths; he had a curly tale. He like to shave his fur into a mohawk. He had such a great personality, he had opinions and he let you know them. He liked carrying around his fleece buddy, but he didn’t like being carried around himself much.

If Sir Chewy could have had two wheels in his cage, he would have found a way to run on them both at the same time. That’s why I didn’t get a second friend for him, I thought he’d hog the wheel too much. He was way spoiled, getting only the best food and hay. He was picky about his hay anyway and didn’t like to eat anything but Oxbow Timothy. He never bit, only nibbled, and he was so curious about everything. He was named because he chewed on everything under the sun; I had to get him a cage made out of wood and a glass waterbottle. He chewed through the plastic bottom of his first cage and water bottles. His favorite move was the kangaroo hop, which he did when he was exceptionally happy. He enjoyed frightening Sasha and was never afraid of her. He loved Brian to scratch under his chin and would through his front paws wide in pleasure. For some reason, I myself could never hit the right spot.

He was a member of our family, and I will miss him so much. I thought he had years left before we saw him pass away. The hardest part right now is sitting in his room, Sir Chewy’s room, as we called it, and seeing his empty cage and hearing silence instead of his running wheel and having no furry guy to rub or hold or talk to. I love him so much. Goodbye Sir Chewy.

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Final Single Days

Bachelorette party was last night, we had a blast, it was awesome! I had my old roommates, Mallory, Lynne and Maria come, as well as Cassie and Cathy. Emma came up and Melissa, Brian’s sister, as well as Lisa and Joni, my friend from work. Emma planned it all from NJ and drove in yesterday. It was quite a whirlwind, but a lot of fun. We had a 10 person limo and drove up to Rock Bottom Brewery in Cleveland, having drinks and snacks on the way. I had a boa, sash and button that I had to put on and beads, and the other girls made sashes out of “caution” tape that said Wild Girls on it and had beads. We had scrumptious appetizers and dinner (sampler plate and nachos, and for dinner I had macaroni and cheese). Dinner, in retrospect, I should’ve not had so much pasta. I was tipsy when we got there and sober when we left! But it was still fun.

We went downstairs after that to Howl at the Moon, a piano bar. That was great. I then had to get decked out in the rest of my outfit, consisting of a t-shirt and veil. The t-shirt was one of the ones to draw on, which I didn’t really get people to sign but that’s okay, I’ll cut it out and scrapbook it! When we first got there there weren’t many people there yet, so we got a lot of our songs played. They had them pianists play Raining Men and brought me up on stage. Lucky for me Cathy was willing to join me in embarassment (rather, I was embarassed, she was enjoying the limelight).

They brought all us bachelorettes up again later to do the chicken dance, I think there were four-five of us.

Brian built us a little fire up by the house and Lynne, Cathy and I had s’mores with Brian and then we hit the sack. Emma crashed out early after her seven hour drive, and she was up and gone by the time we were up in the morning. It was so nice of her to come out 7 hrs on her birthday for me, just to turn around and do it again this weekend for the wedding; I was impressed 🙂 I think I’m almost ready for the wedding, the ceremony programs were a pain and I had my lady friends at work help me out putting some together on Friday and finished them on Saturday. I think 9+ hours were spent on them total, it was crazy. So I have to make a few more favors and another guestbook/table number, and clean the mirrors for the centerpieces. Other than that, it’s just getting the details straight like getting ribbon to the cake lady. Only 6 days left, craziness.

Write thank yous for work bridal shower
Rehearsal dinner
Thank you tags attached to favors
Pick up altered dress
Make toss bouquet
Finish guest book table numbers
Centerpieces! Clean mirrors for centerpieces
Finalize DJ stuff
Finalize cake details
Finalize flower details
Finalize ceremony details Write love letter to Brian for the wine box ceremony!
Finalize food
Finalize photographer details (must take photos, etc. and just touch base)
Create day-of timeline
Schedule make up and hair and other salon stuffs
Create ceremony programs
Finalize ceremony music
Seating arrangement
Create placecards for seating
Buy gifts for parents, both sets I think we’re just getting them photo books after the fact.
Buy gift for Brian
Finish bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts
Pay for all the stuff (payment due dates are all coming up)

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