Water Baby


Lately, Coraline has been putting her face into the water, voluntarily. I think we will need to do swimming lessons with her, and soon! She will put her entire head and body right under the faucet, and keep it there, despite sputtering and coughing with water running down her face. When we move her, she moves right back!


When the faucet is turned off, she moves to literally putting her face into the water up to her ears. The other day, she managed to blow bubbles, which encouraged the behavior (my laughter, as well). She did it again, but inhaled instead and even after coughing and gasping for a minute, she wanted to go right back at it! (I stopped her at that point). Even when washing her hands, she loves the water and licks them when we’re done.


This little water baby lady won’t have any problems going underwater I think.

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Coraline is 3 Months Old


This month Coraline started sleeping through the night just before my return to work, and stayed that way. It amazed us all since she is still having trouble with bottles that she gets enough during the day still that she is not up at night. She does get up really early sometimes, between 4:30-5:30, but when she’s up that early I am able to put her back to sleep most of the time. But she can and does sleep up to 12 hours!

Of her napping schedule, I cannot say the same. She takes half hour naps, and sometimes longer if I have her in the newborn napper which I try to avoid using too frequently since they don’t use that at daycare. She doesn’t necessarily fall asleep in her car seat or stroller; she is frequently quietly alert instead.


Luckily, she does seem to be getting enough sleep and is cheerful during her extended awake times except toward the evening when she may become overtired. Even then, Brian and I frequently comment on how much more mellow she is than Jameson. We no long bemoan the lack of a pacifier, since she is content without. She doesn’t smile as frequently as Jameson did, but she has much longer calm periods, happy to look around and observe as he never did. They continue to be so different from one another.



She is grasping things with her reflexes, but not reaching for anything yet. She did, however, finally release some of those fists to get a finger in her mouth! Over a couple days prior to turning 3 months old, she had started occasionally finding it. For her photo shoot, she made a face when she found her finger, but by the end of that evening, she was loudly sucking on her index finger with enjoyment.

We still swaddle to sleep, but I think it won’t be long now before she will be a self soother.



Coraline enjoys sitting up, and is really enjoying the bouncer seat (not generally turned on though) and the bumbo chair; we use the swing much less and usually only as another place to put her while taking care of Jameson upstairs. She likes to sit on laps or walk around. Like Jameson, she appears to love to be outside.


We also started using up to 6 month clothing this month, which seems so much earlier than Jameson. She’s sturdy and has adorable little rolls. We had a rash on her chest we were dealing with that finally seems to have dissipated with a different lotion. Baby acne is gone, but the flakey cradle cap of her growing skull appears frequently and she has lost a good portion of her hair on the back of her head that gives a similar effect that Jameson had. She doesn’t look too much like a little old man though because of her little chubby cheeks and the hair she managed to retain on the top of her head.


Coraline loves bath time, always silent and staring in the mirror for the entire event. She still has dark hair, blue eyes and a gummy, wet grin, so she has a pretty face to look at!


While we are all sad that my time at home has ended, Coraline doesn’t seem the worse for wear thus far since I try and feed her 1-2 times in the morning and at least twice every evening. I know this month and next, things will start to get exciting with reaching and rolling. I can’t wait!


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T Minus 3…

Jameson is 21 months, 3 months shy of 2 years old, and like every month before it, it’s hard to believe how fast time has gone by.

This month was a big one for Jameson and I wrote a lot fun things down that he is doing now throughout the whole month.

Singing & Speech – Jameson likes to sing now to the songs he knows. He’s so terribly cute singing the P and Z and Me in the ABC’s song and making an “o” face when singing the wheels on the bus go ‘roooouuund. Among his favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, ABC’s and Old McDonald (Ee ii ee ii oh). He does a lot of imitation now and will imitate during the If You’re Happy and You Know It song as well as during any other activity!


His two word sentences have slowly increased, and we even heard him saying “no no mommy” over and over to himself to help him fall asleep one night, and “mommy bye bye” another night. Some new words are “apple”, “apple juice”, “pouch” (this one is very distinct and is our word for the little baby food pouches he loves), “knock knock” “boo boo”, “brush” (as in brush teeth daddy!), and “watch” (as in Elmo TV).

Food & Eating – He is getting pickier about only eating things he recognizes and knows he likes. It’s a trial every night to get him to try everything on his plate which sometimes involves bribery for Elmo and doesn’t always work. He currently thinks most everything is “hot” and blows on it. Last night at dinner he was blowing and making the symbol for quiet though, and I think he really was trying to show quiet after we told him to use his indoor voice. He likes to stick his tongue out when we wipe his face and eat the paper towel, which is funny.

We did go back to offering milk at bedtime when he doesn’t eat a lot at dinner, and he enjoys it still. We stopped using the sleeper blanket bag toward the end of this month and are using a pillow pet and blanket (he loves soft things!). No signs of molars that we can see, though that doesn’t mean they’re not there, we don’t go poking back amongst those chompers much.

Skills – Jameson now will get on his belly in the bath tub without fear for fun; he has successfully blown his very first bubbles; and he added a new symbol to his bedtime book by flexing his arm for the word “exercise” (dad taught him that).

This weekend he demonstrated his new skill with puzzles, especially the Melissa and Doug ones which show the same puzzle piece after it’s removed for easy recognition of proper placement for the puzzle piece. We also removed the bottom of his Cozy Coupe and he motors it himself. He also does the more advanced shape sorter now instead of just the coin sorter, and he tries to put on his own shoes, socks and clothes on (without too much success… yet)

“All Done Mom!”

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Bubble Bath

Jameson enjoyed his very first bubble bath just a couple weeks ago. At first, he wasn’t too sure about the bubbles. He tried to get them off of his hands!

Then he quickly decided they were okay, and Brian decided to take advantage of the bubbles and have Jameson “wash” himself.

Jameson followed direction really well, and looked at Brian who would point to the correct body part when Jameson wasn’t sure where to go for things like his neck.


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It’s a Baby in a Bathtub!

You’ve probably been waiting expectantly for an Easter post, but I took a ridiculous number of photos over the weekend which require thorough weeding and editing.

But all is not lost, because I have a cute baby in a bathtub!

Brian filled Jameson’s squirting bath toys and gave them to him face up. Jameson had a blast squirting water at his face, Brian and myself. He gave the biggest giggles!

Do you see the rash on his shoulder? I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it here, but after months of trying neosporin, lotion, no lotion, mild hydro-cortisone and stronger hydro-cortisone, the doctors diagnosed him with eczema. We’re just at the point of managing it with weeks on/weeks off of the hydro-cortisone, and this particular spot on his shoulder is stubborn.

Jameson just loves taking baths now, but he’ll tell us when he’s all done and ready to be wrapped up in a cozy towel (or more likely, excited to walk around nakey for a little bit). The other night I got a cute (out of focus) video of him splashing away.


After his bath, Brian gave him a few more hair do’s while he brushed his teeth. He refuses to let us brush his teeth for him, but luckily he has decided he likes it (this week anyway) and is doing well himself. Probably because he is getting both of his top canine teeth in and it feels good for him.

We’ve been giving him Advil at night and overnight. Poor thing moans in his sleep when he’s teething.

This is what happened when we took the toothbrush away.

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Real Baths

Just a short time ago (like, just last week), bath time looked a little like this:

After trying to climb out of his bath seat twice looking for a duck (okay, it was more like flinging himself out of the bath seat), we determined it was time for Jameson to get real baths, sitting up and all.

More risky behavior later, and we decided to throw down some anti-slip mats. We have a clear mat that looks like pebbles from Target, and a couple frogs suctioned around the edges. We debated the merits of suction vs. “sticker” style and didn’t want to ruin the tub with stickers. The only caveat to suction is regular lifting and drying to eliminate mold build-up. So far, so good.

Well, assuming he doesn’t decide to eat the frogs. I don’t think he can actually get them up though… we’ll see.

Out of the tub, and we’re still having fun. Not as much crying as before. Instead, the novelty of being able to move around makes the end of bath time much more fun.

Watch out, naked baby! He really doesn’t want a diaper on, and I’m giving in, for a few minutes while I take a ridiculous amount of photos.

Alright. We’re all done now, time for bed.

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