10/1/02 – 11/11/14

Yesterday, we had to tell Jameson that our beloved puppy was gone. Unexpectedly, he seemed to understand the concept of death already, that she was gone from us and not returning. He was incredibly sad, and immediately requested a new doggie. While I am certain he expected a new doggie to make him feel better, we know that is not entirely the case. It was the easiest question he asked. He also asked if we were with her, another unexpected but easy answer. The hardest part was watching him so sad, since this is his first experience with this kind of unresolvable sadness and grief.

Despite trying hard not to dwell on sickness or old age as reasons we die, he picked up on old age. He’s too young to explain that all of us die without causing fear, though I think he made that association anyway; or that death can also happen unexpectedly; so, we reassured him that Sasha had lived a very, very long time, and that she went to Heaven and can run in the grass there. He asked if tomorrow he will get older, and I told him that he will not be old for a very long time. I may have said that everyone lives for a very long time. It’s hard to find the answers to reassure and make him feel better, but to be truthful without opening up more questions he is too young to understand is nearly impossible. I am sure that won’t be the last of his questions about death and Heaven.

I did make him a book about Sasha, with photos of her as a puppy he has never seen before. It hasn’t really been the immediate hit that I expected, but I think it will be a useful tool when he asks more questions or misses her. Instead, he associated the book with making him sad, and he didn’t really want to read it again. I think he will want to later though.

We visited grandma last night, which was a much needed distraction for all of us. He has a big stuffed dog there, which he called his “pet doggie” and put it in the fort he and grandma made. So many, many sad moments. Some of the worst are associated with routine, of course. Looking for her in the morning when we get up or before bed. Leaving the garage door open when we get home to let her out. Thankfully, Coraline is so young, aside from looking for her very briefly, she has been a comic relief and little ray of sunshine for us. She chose an outfit today of all doggies.

I’ve found that I don’t really know Brian without Sasha, since the two were partners, his buddy, from the day I met him. It’s hard to find words to describe their relationship, since it was much more than master to pup. She will always be his very first baby. Watching him grieve is almost as hard as losing Sasha herself.

It took me a little time to love Sasha, not because she wasn’t lovable, but because she took up a lot of space in our bed, haha. But now, even though we’ve filled our home with additional pack members, the house feels so much emptier. She is such a big part of our life, home and family. And our hearts. Her exceptionally large presence really seems to make her absence even bigger.

We have a sing-song phrase we use with Coraline for naps and night-night time. It can be used for hello and goodbye, too. Monday, Jameson sang it to Sasha, singing “bye bye Sasha, bye bye Sasha, see you after school.” Knowing that she would not be home waiting for us in just a couple days while listening to him sing to her was the beginning of many hard moments. Another was watching Coraline, who has just started in the past few weeks to pull out Sasha’s treats on her own to go give to her. Yesterday morning, instead of a bye bye song, Coraline sang “Night night” to her.

Sasha reached the end of her life at the very old age of 12. She was, and is, the smartest dog I have ever met, a gentle giant with a sweet disposition as long as you don’t poke at her face, Coraline! Sasha loved rolling in the grass, sitting on couches, catching snowballs, eating cookies (the dog treat kind), and giving puppy kisses.

Pillow stealer

I’m sure you’re glad to be chasing bunny rabbits again.

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It’s a Baby in a Bathtub!

You’ve probably been waiting expectantly for an Easter post, but I took a ridiculous number of photos over the weekend which require thorough weeding and editing.

But all is not lost, because I have a cute baby in a bathtub!

Brian filled Jameson’s squirting bath toys and gave them to him face up. Jameson had a blast squirting water at his face, Brian and myself. He gave the biggest giggles!

Do you see the rash on his shoulder? I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it here, but after months of trying neosporin, lotion, no lotion, mild hydro-cortisone and stronger hydro-cortisone, the doctors diagnosed him with eczema. We’re just at the point of managing it with weeks on/weeks off of the hydro-cortisone, and this particular spot on his shoulder is stubborn.

Jameson just loves taking baths now, but he’ll tell us when he’s all done and ready to be wrapped up in a cozy towel (or more likely, excited to walk around nakey for a little bit). The other night I got a cute (out of focus) video of him splashing away.


After his bath, Brian gave him a few more hair do’s while he brushed his teeth. He refuses to let us brush his teeth for him, but luckily he has decided he likes it (this week anyway) and is doing well himself. Probably because he is getting both of his top canine teeth in and it feels good for him.

We’ve been giving him Advil at night and overnight. Poor thing moans in his sleep when he’s teething.

This is what happened when we took the toothbrush away.

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Bad Virus, part 2

Read part 1 here to get up to speed!

Sunday was quite a bit more work to keep Jameson entertained than Saturday. He awoke pretty cheerful, but wasn’t too thrilled about being tethered. They took him off the IV and oxygen, but both were still attached to him. We tucked the oxygen tubing in his pants to keep him from tripping over yet another cord. And he still was attached to the pulse meter on his toe.

Brian has pretty much endless patience, which is a wonderful compliment to my less-than-patient self. I’m sure he kept me calmer than I would’ve been otherwise, waiting to hear when Jameson’s nose was going to get swabbed for viruses.

There were definitely a couple times when Jameson was near inconsolable, and it was all we could do to try and bounce him in our arms (when he wasn’t trying to fling himself out of them). TV still doesn’t work on him, which I suppose is a good thing, though it certainly didn’t feel like it.

We found out later that day that Jameson was free of any of the known viruses like croup and RSV, so that was a relief.

The diagnoses? Some crazy cold virus that combined with his ear infection to cause fevers that accelerated his breathing, the mucus that may have caused the low oxygen levels, and the loss of appetite that landed us here in the first place.

Meal times was a nice short break to the endless rounds of trying to occupy Jameson in a teeny tiny space. He started eating some again, and seemed to enjoy playing with his lunch.

We also got some toys from their playroom which Jameson enjoyed for what seemed like a very brief time. He particularly likes stacking toys right now and there was one that he really enjoyed there.

Thankfully, Aunt Melissa came over later that day for a brief visit. Jameson loved brushing her hair. And his own hair for that matter; he’s very into the hairbrush recently.

She also got me out of his room for a little while. I had come in from the back when I arrived with Jameson on Saturday, so I had no idea where anything was. We went down to the lobby so I could get an official badge and walked around the cafeteria. The hospital is actually very nice, and it’s really too bad Jameson couldn’t leave his room because there were plenty of things he would’ve loved to see.

Aunt Melissa also brought some teethers for Jameson, which aside from the pacifier (woe that we discontinued it just a few weeks prior), frozen or cold teethers are the only thing that will calm Jameson down for a little bit.

She left us then with a relatively happier baby. It wasn’t long after that that Grandma and Grandpa arrived, freshly back from a weekend getaway. They were thrilled to see him, despite him wailing away when they walked in the room. We were happy to leave him in their hands for a little while and prep his dinner (and eat our own : Jimmy John’s Vito sandwhich for lunch AND dinner! awesome!).

Jameson still hadn’t drank any milk yet, but he was drinking more apple juice from a bottle. Spoiled baby 🙂

Jameson wasn’t too interested in dinner, but he did enjoy sipping water from a straw, which was cute. He kept trying to throw food on the ground, except there was no puppy to pick it up, sigh…

Around this time, our roommate was released, which was nice since we had visitors we were able to open up the curtains and move around the room more freely. They wanted to keep Jameson overnight one more night to see how he did without oxygen all night long, so I was also excited about the prospect of sleeping that night without the constant annoyance of IV alarms going off like they had the night prior.

Around Jameson’s bedtime, we chased out grandma and grandpa and tried to get him to sleep.

It was, in a word, LONG.

Brian and I sang songs for, it must have been, 45 minutes before Jameson fell asleep. And I say songs, I really mean the 2 songs that we both knew (Rock-a-Bye Baby and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), interspersed with a couple other songs that I knew.

Jameson finally fell asleep though, and I was thrilled that he went into the “jail crib” without any problems!

He actually slept in there almost all night. It was such a relief compared to the hours we spent awake the night before. He woke up around 3, but fell back asleep on me within a half hour, and I moved him back to the crib without difficulty. When Brian arrived in the morning, we were sleeping separately, soundly.

The crib rails actually go up and down rather than the bed itself (so they can easily access babies in an emergency). It is a kind of clever set up.

We knew we would be going home in the morning, but we should’ve realized that hospitals are slow. We finally were discharged around 10:30 or so, 3-1/2 hours after we started talking about getting released. The good news is, Jameson finally started drinking milk again!

All in all? The nurses were nice. We had one nurse, Shane, who was there every day, so there was some consistency. We had very friendly lady nurses overnight. I’m sure they considered us pretty easy patients, though we felt like Jameson was anything but easy.

Shane removed Jameson’s IV when it was time to go. Jameson wailed away and then paused for a minute, watching again as he removed it.

We weren’t sorry to leave that room, that’s for sure. It was such a relief, since we had arrived expecting pneumonia and ear infection and left with nothing but a bad cold virus.

We got home, and in a couple hours we put Jameson down for a nap. When he got up, we decided to go out and run some errands rather than being cooped up in the house the rest of the day (I had been stir crazy all weekend). We stopped at the elementary school playground which Jameson loved.

He’s very into the flowers right now and has me pick them for him to hold on to. Sometimes he tries to eat the stems and I have to take them away, but the delight on his face when I hand them to him make me keep giving them.

And that’s it, a happy end to a relatively unhappy weekend. It really put some perspective on the value of health and made me feel blessed that we didn’t need to be there longer for anything more serious. Very blessed.

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Bad Virus, part 1

Last week, Jameson went to the doctor on Tuesday for his check up and 15 month vaccinations. He had a mild cough (mostly when he was sleeping) but otherwise seemed pretty healthy.

In the days that followed, he developed low-grade (99F) fevers in the afternoons at daycare which we had them treat with Advil and which it responded to. I guessed it was the vaccines or teething. We weren’t too concerned, but his cough was worsening, and finally on Friday his fever jumped to 101F late in the afternoon.

We called the doctor then, but they recommended it was viral and not to come in unless it got worse.

I can’t say that it got significantly worse, but Jameson had reduced appetite and we had seen a sign on his daycare door warning of croup, so on Saturday we opted to go in to the doctors office anyway. I hadn’t even showered yet, it being a lazy Saturday morning.

I left the doctors office with Jameson in an ambulance.

The doctor, who was not our regular pediatrician but part of the practice we go to, determined that he had pneumonia based on the sounds in his left lung and fevers. They measured the oxygen in his blood with pulse oximtery and decided that we should do a breathing treatment. His levels were lower, but not dangerously low. The treatment is typically used for asthmatics and help open the airways.

Jameson was not a fan. He was already exhausted since he hadn’t had a nap, so thankfully he only fought for five minutes or so before giving in to the mask and loud buzz of the machine. Unfortunately for Jameson, it didn’t really help oxygenate his blood, and in fact his next pulse ox measurements were lower.

We did one more breathing treatment which raised it one point. Jameson was near to falling asleep during the second round, poor thing. The cut off, the doctor told me, is 93. Normal adults are between 96-98 he said. Our regular pediatrician told me later that everyone has their own cut off. But regardless, Jameson was at a 92. And I kind of thought maybe I saw some skin darkening at the fingers and toes, so I was starting to get concerned.

At that point, the doctor recommended oxygen for Jameson and transportation to the hospital. Once attached to oxygen, we couldn’t very well transport him ourselves. We agreed. And once he was on oxygen, Jameson measured 98 and 99, which told us we had made the right decision for him.

Were I to go through this again, I would bring my own Tylenol or Advil with me. Jameson measured a temperature of 99 when we arrived at the doctor’s office and we hadn’t given him anything yet, but by the time we were admitted and settled some 4 hours or so later, Jameson’s fever reached 102 because of the delay.

I rode in the ambulance (no sirens or lights, as this was an non-emergency transport; Jameson was stable and actually sleeping), while Brian went home to grab some things. The pediatrician couldn’t give us an estimate as to how long Jameson would be in the hospital with pneumonia.

It was somewhere around the afternoon when we were finally settled. Jameson was extremely unhappy about the new nose tubes for oxygen (they didn’t go all the way in, just rested at his nostrils). It took us a few tries. Jameson kicked me in the throat and completely tore it out on our first try. Once it was in though, he pretty much gave up.

Jameson received Motrin and apple juice/water. He wasn’t interested in milk at all, but downed the apple juice.

We felt some relief shortly after as the doctors weren’t convinced he had pneumonia; they said his chest sounded clear except just a little something near the bottom on the left. But they brought an xray machine into our room to check his lungs anyway.

Then the rest of the afternoon looked something like this:

Pneumonia aside, Jameson was really tired and not feeling well, so he laid on us most of the day.

After a few hours, we determined that Jameson was probably dehydrated and so they inserted an IV and gave him fluids. I didn’t watch, but Brian said that he cried until the initial poke and then he just watched them work. Like father, like son! They took some blood for analysis then too.

Along with fluids, they gave Jameson a dose of antibiotics via IV since he may or may not have pneumonia but he definitely had an ear infection.

Later in the evening, they told us that Jameson’s xray “looked clear” (though it hadn’t been officially signed off on just yet). No pneumonia! And blood work was all normal too. As a bonus to all this, since Jameson got his round of IV antibiotics, he didn’t need to come home with any oral antibiotics. Once and done when you’re in the hospital!

Jameson’s fever hadn’t broken yet by 7 that evening, so we opted for Tylenol which did the job overnight. And that was Saturday. Phew!

Brian left late at night to go home and check on Sasha (many thanks to our neighbors who paid for Brian’s oil change and fed and let her out during our stay at the hospital).

Meanwhile, I am a little bonier than Brian (read: less comfortable) so Jameson had a hard time getting comfortable on me. Every time he fell asleep, I felt like one of our’s or our roommate’s monitors were going off. Around 3 am, the nurse said he had been weaned off the oxygen, so we unhooked him, and I was able to lay down (FINALLY) with him on the couch/futon. We fell asleep around 4:30.

Brian arrived bright and early Sunday morning to us laying there on the futon, Jameson on my chest sleeping soundly.

But… we didn’t get to go home on Sunday. Despite the fact that Jameson was feeling much better, with fever broken and antibiotics and fluids in his system. He wasn’t a big fan of confinement, I’ll say.

In some ways, Sunday was worse than Saturday. And we were still waiting to find out what he had.

[Just a note to anyone thinking that I took a lot of photos while Jameson was very ill (read: too many, like I wasn’t paying enough attention to him): Jameson was asleep for the ambulance ride and some of that scary business. For the rest, Brian or I were both there with him, rocking and holding him whenever he fussed or needed anything during his waking and sleeping hours. While Jameson won’t remember this, I certainly will, and as ever, documenting it keeps me thinking clearly and believing that everything is going to be a-okay. Which is was. Thank goodness 🙂 ]

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Grown Up Things

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Brian got a new job. Aside from dealing with a sick baby those first few weeks, we took the time to get together with our financial adviser to discuss 401Ks and the like last night. It’s not the most fun way to spend an evening, but I always walk away feeling like we’re doing the good, grown up thing.

Another super not fun grown up thing?


Brian is lucky enough to still do them himself, though that may change next year. I always hassle him to do them when Jameson and I are gone (like when we visited grandparents!) but who would want to do taxes on their free weekend? Certainly not me. Not that I do them.

Sunday, Jameson was ill in the morning. By ill, I mean sick, all over me. Twice. It was stellar.

(That was sarcasm, in case you missed it)

He walked around shaking his head “no” at everything, at turns lying down on the ground, asking to be picked up, asking to be put down. He couldn’t get comfortable until, whoops, vomit all over mommy.

It was lucky we had two little bears so Jameson got his other little bear and I took the poor sick bear and my clothes to the laundry. On his second sick round an hour later, I rescued the spare little bear even though Jameson was really upset I took him away.

He’ll thank me later, for saving his other little bear.

Anyway, after a 45 minute nap, he woke up a little upset, but with a few sips a water (literally), he was back to himself. He didn’t nap at all the rest of the day, and spent it running walking fast around the house, taking a couple walks outside in the stroller and wagon, and acting like the morning had never happened.

And what else do you do on a day like that but do taxes?

Dance. Obviously.


P.S. Jameson went to the doctor to get vaccines yesterday. He was not thrilled with the doctor this time at all, hugging my shoulder the entire time. It was the quickest visit we’ve ever had though, I didn’t even sit down! He is 20 pounds, 11 ounces, in the 10-25% percentile, and 30-3/4 inches long, in the 25-50% percentile.

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For Valentine’s Day, Something Pink

Jameson had a great Valentine’s Day on Monday. Well, the evening anyway. He was fussy at daycare, but he got to see grandma in the evening for a couple gifts. Lucky little man, he finally got to open some of his own presents!

Oh, and he’s in his jail time outfit. This is our spare daycare outfit. It’s always kind of fun to walk in that day and say “Oh! Jameson’s in his jail time outfit! He must have been messy today!”

Jameson just loves his new duck (and his new outfits too, of course). He loves to put his face into soft things and lay on them like pillows.

That night, he also decided to start “walking” again, or at least taking steps. He’s also making strides in standing up on his own from his feet (rather than just stepping away from something). He occasionally does a weird crawl on the palms of his hands and feet. Today I think he finally did it on his own, but I missed it!

Now you might be wondering at this point, what else Jameson got. Something pink.

Pink EYE!

On Tuesday he came home from daycare with goopy eyes and one that looked a little swollen. I was certain he had pink eye, and the doctor confirmed it the following morning (Bacterial Conjunctivitis is our technical name). Jameson at this point isn’t contagious anymore since he’s now been on antibiotics and eye drops for 24 hours, but we had to miss daycare yesterday and today.

In addition, Jameson has a cold and a bad ear infection (which is possibly the same one from before). So he is on stronger antibiotics this time around which will hopefully knock it out. He already seems like he is feeling better today, and the eyes are clearing up. Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare, except for our doctors visit where Jameson was so worn out he actually laid on my shoulder for that entire half hour we were there. Small blessings!

Even though most of our day looked like this today:

He is still clearly sick, with irritated skin under his eyes, snot coming out of his nose, and extra naps (at 5:30 pm, he is taking his second nap!)

I did try and get some 14 month photos today, but since I didn’t have Brian to help me, they ended up like this (aka dangerous). I will try again later tonight or maybe even this weekend.

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Sick and Happy

Jameson and I have both been sick for a few days now. Since Thursday, to be more exact. We had to miss Jameson’s first sign language class this new session.

He gave me his cough, but at least I am missing the snotty nose this time. As it turns out, he probably has RSV since the daycare notified us he was exposed, but the doctor didn’t bother testing for it since it seems that he is breathing without difficulty. She did find his very first ear infection though, in his left ear, so we started on our very first round of antibiotics for it last night.

Meanwhile, he hasn’t been acting very sick. He has been taking long naps, but while he is awake, he is super charged. His latest feat is sticking out his tongue…

And pushing the play table like it’s a walking toy.

It was windy and snowy (though we didn’t get much accumulation) this weekend, so we stayed inside, did laundry, and ran just a couple errands.

Jameson had his first Sam’s Club food-tasting experience. We gave him some sample soft pretzel and yogurt, which he loved, and some grapefruit which he seemed to like until we bought it and tried it for breakfast the next day. Oh well.

He also broke through two more teeth up top towards the central back of his mouth, so I think they are his first molars. But there are more to come! He still has one coming in on the bottom front, and I think there’s another molar or two on the bottom working their way up.

All in all, the past couple weekends have been slow, catch up, soak up the time type weekends which I’ve really enjoyed.

Even still, we stay pretty busy:

P.S. Jameson posed for some Valentine’s Day shots over the weekend, but I’m keeping them under wraps until closer to the day.

P.S.S. We are practicing walking a lot and he is doing well, going between mom and dad. Won’t be long I think!

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Best Laid Plans…

This weekend was kind of  a bummer.

Friday, I left work early to pick up a sick baby. Jameson was clearly exhausted, and had vomited twice at daycare and then once again at home before taking a long nap. After that though he appeared to get better, no fever and very active. But we had an incident Friday night, then Sunday morning and Sunday evening. He’s otherwise very active and not acting sick except for the super long naps and a little bit of a whiny disposition.

(He’s being whiny in this photo. This is crying, not yelling or other fun baby noises, but I swear it looks like he’s smirking at me too)

The super bummer part came after Brian and I had our date night on Saturday, he woke up Sunday feeling ill. I thought it might be food poisoning, honestly, but he’s got that sickly hot-cold feeling, so I think he caught what Jameson has, only worse.

Sunday ended up mostly being something like this for Brian.

And this, because Jameson doesn’t seem to understand that he’s sick. Crazy baby. He’s not eating or drinking much of anything, so we’re just keeping him hydrated as much as possible and waiting it out. With no fever, there’s not much we can give him unless it gets worse and we need to head to the doctors’.

So, that also meant no Christmas tree this weekend. I did get a few decorations up, and we put up Christmas lights a couple weeks ago, so while Brian was miserable on the couch, I went camera happy and took some photos. After I made him pasta for dinner. Good thing he didn’t have much of an appetite, since I suck at cooking.

This garland is what is going to hold my advent stockings next year when I obtain all my ornaments.

This is a live rosemary tree. It smells lovely, and I am hoping I don’t kill it, I’d love to plant it next year. And in the background…

These are styrofoam snowflakes hanging from the banister upstairs. Last year, I did bulbs, which I still have, but I wanted to do something more neutral for Jameson’s party. These were precut like this, but I bought some circles too so I can try my hand at making my own smaller versions to go with them.

And the outside…

This is our street. That’s right, only 3 houses on my street, cul de sacs at either end (like a bone). We all happened to use white icicle lights, which looks lovely coming up the road.

(The lots were bank owned since the builder went under, but recently were purchased by another builder, so I am actually looking forward to possibly having more neighbors in a couple years.)

Unfortunately tonight Jameson will be missing out on the Polar Express! The Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad does this every year, and we were really looking forward to going with our friends, but the smart parental choice says that since he was sick yesterday evening, and Brian is also still ill, it wouldn’t be wise to go because we are germ carriers, even if it was just Jameson and myself.

Hopefully everyone will start to feel better soon!

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Poo Solutions

This past week has been a little harder than usual because Mr. Jameson was sick with a cold… then with diarrhea.

It’s not really something anyone cares to talk about, but as they say, sh*t happens, right?

He’s never had any digestive problems before (I know, we’re lucky), so I promptly did research on the Internet. What did you do without the Internet, mom?

I was relieved to find that his case was labeled mild to moderate, and we just needed to put him on the BRAT diet and make sure he stayed hydrated.

  • Bananas
  • Rice
  • Applesauce
  • Toast

Easier said than done.

First of all, Jameson has recently decided that at home now, spitting out food is far more fun than keeping it in. In particular, spitting out the pureed baby food is the best. I am hoping its a phase, or maybe the beginning of requesting all finger foods. We’ll wait and see.

Secondly, he never drinks as much at home as he does at daycare. They have him on some magical schedule where he drinks most of his 3 bottles by the time we pick him up at 5, for a total of 5 bottles a day including morning and night. At home on the weekends, we’re lucky to get 4, if not just 3 bottles.

I think he just wants to play with us, silly boy.

I had a moment of epiphany though, and this is what I credit to our success despite these simply terrible odds: I remembered a teething biscuit I read about and sent to Brian a few weeks ago.

It is made of whole wheat bread (without seeds), crust cut off, and applesauce, rolled up and hardened in the microwave for a minute. Toast. Applesauce.

Homemade Teething Biscuit, Image & Recipe by Roni
Homemade Teething Biscuit, Photo & Recipe by Roni. Click for Details!

I am pretty sure this is Jameson’s favorite new food. Seriously. BONUS: I am pretty sure he’s teething again too. That’s right, we’re killing two birds with one biscuit (heh heh).

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We Don’t Need Mittens

Recently, I had my first incident of unsolicited advice. People say they get it all the time out shopping, and maybe it’s because I don’t shop much but I haven’t really experienced any until now. Brian and I were going through the check out at Giant Eagle and the checkout lady said something along the lines of “he should have mittens to protect that little face”. Jameson had scratched himself again, but really, I haven’t used the mittens I bought him more than once. Brian said that Jameson pulls the mittens off. Okay hun, at least you’re making it sound like our little man is a genius!

We’re still recovering from our cold. On Saturday we visited the doctor because Jameson had a cough that was getting worse. Turns out it was just continued drainage and cold symptoms, and Jameson is feeling a lot better now. He weighed 11 pounds 5 ounces! Which is actually a little smaller than I thought he’d be.

I thought Jameson was home free, but we had a troubled night’s sleep last night. (For Brian and I anyway; Jameson took it all in stride) Jameson got up every couple hours last night, not crying for food but just fussing. I think he was waking up from his congestion and needed his pacifier back in to fall asleep. Regardless, he woke up in the morning extra cheerful! Today daycare is only going to let him take two hour naps also, in case he has been getting too much sleep there. I do have to keep reminding myself how lucky we are that he only gets up once at night, but tonight I will just be grateful as long as he returns to his usual once-a-night self.

This week has gone by pretty quickly, which is great. Regarding work, I have (hopefully) some good opportunities coming up, so we’ll see how things go the next couple weeks. The worse that can happen is that nothing changes, which all things considered wouldn’t be a horrible outcome.

At Brian’s work, things are going well. We are attending the Automotive News PACE Awards Dinner in Detroit in April, which will be fun. Even more fun is that it is a black tie event and so this weekend I will be out in search of my first nice dress since prom (wedding doesn’t count, those dresses are on a whole different level). I am very excited, both to shop for a nice dress and to have an evening out with Brian without Jameson, though I am sure I’ll be worried about him as well. Brian and I haven’t been out without Jameson much at all since his birth and it’s been dinners nearby. This is quite a ways away, but I’m sure things will be fine.

Also coming soon is Jameson’s baptism! I have an array of cute outfits, depending on the weather. I can’t believe that it was so nice last weekend that we were able to go on a nice walk on St. Patrick’s Day and now it’s about 18 degrees outside (and no, Jameson has a furry car seat liner and doesn’t need any mittens). At least I don’t have to worry about him growing out of anything. He seems to be growing longer instead of thicker, so the separates in 0-3 months continue to fit him fine. He did however have is very first 3-6 month sleep ‘n play on last night! I put him in the cute navy elephant PJ’s that I loved in the newborn size. I couldn’t help but buy it again. This weekend, I will take a photo of him in it so we can see how much he’s grown.

Speaking of photos: I have been having problems. We purchased a Mac computer for the first time (we were previously PC people). My photos looks very different on the Mac. The problem is that when edited on the Mac and looked at on the PC, they actually look bad. When edited on the PC, I already know they print fine and look great. I am not sure how to resolve this, since I already did the basic calibration on the Mac. I think I will do some experimentation this weekend. Hopefully I’ll post more photos soon if I can figure it out! I have some cute 3 month photos to share.

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