Just playing the waiting game now! So I will write about other stuff:

We spent Easter at my parents in Centerville, which was very nice. Everyone was home, and (maybe because I can’t let childhood go), I had my mom hide eggs and our baskets still. I love that part of Easter, it’s entertaining, and fun to have Brian do it too haha. My mom started writing poems for clues to hiding places back when we first move to the house on Sentinel Oak (what was that, some 10 years ago now?). Anyway, it is a firmly planted tradition now even though it only started after we were all older.

My brother is spending the fall in Florida doing the Disney program in his major, Industrial Engineering. We are all supremely proud of him, and I am excited he will get to spend some time away from school which I think is a very good thing. Not because he’s not doing well, but because I am a firm believer in studying abroad (or elsewhere in the US as the case may be). It’s awesome to gain new experiences like that.

My lightbox which I was using to photograph my jewelry was taken apart with some of our last showings (as we were starting to get desperate to make our house look big and inviting). Anyway, I have thus not taken any new pictures of jewelry that I’ve created, though I have done a few. The most recent one combines chain, which is a new thing for me. I am going to do another chain one soon that I think will be good enough to sell. I am still enjoying the hobby!

This upcoming weekend I am headed to Columbus for a (mini) reunion with old friends, and to see Jamie’s new house which will surely make me jealous! I am impatient and have noticed this month to be harder than before to try and stay motivated and positive. I am ready for this all to be over. We started packing in the house last weekend (Brian started packing the garage earlier); I put away all the rest of the books and started in the office closet which currently houses all my crafting items. This week I want to finish the office and take things off the walls. I hate wrapping stuff in bubble wrap, so I don’t want to wait til the last minute and get sloppy on those types of items.

I will post pictures of the new place once we are settled! My parents are giving us some furniture of theirs that we aren’t picking up til end of May, so chances are there won’t be pictures until then. They are giving us their old couches, my old day bed (less the mattresses), a gliding chair, elliptical and some other stuff. I am super pumped about it, it will be so nice to have like-new furniture!

Anyway, that is all that’s new on this end. Til next time.

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Crafty Fun and Updates

It’s been a long time again — and it’s just flown by. Work has been very hectic. We’re in the middle of upgrading to a new site and everything has been revamped– the look and feel and the software and backend hardware. The time frame is just painful so I’ve worked a few weekends (fairly short hours, not too bad) and evenings. Although, not as much now as it was just a month or so ago. It’s getting to crunch time though and we’re all feeling the pressure.

In other news, Brian and I are getting the house ready to sell. We recently got the basement waterproofed and the one room has nice white plastic walls now and is pretty much empty. Looks so much better! Also got the driveway re-sealed.

I’ve also been working on some new crafts. In September, I learned how to use my sewing machine and made pillow cases for the pillows on the couch, which look really nice. I have a pattern to make a cool bird mobile, which I’m keeping in my back pocked for that someday. Also, I started making some more jewelry. Recall I made the necklaces and earrings the girls wore for the wedding. I took a class with my co-worker Joni and now am setting up shop! I have three on there, with another ready to go. I’ve got some materials to make a light box which will allow me to take better pictures of my jewelry, so I’m waiting to put the fourth up there for when I have that done. So I haven’t sold anything yet, but that’s okay… I’m enjoying myself tremendously and I kind of want to have a good number up there and have a “grand opening” sale. Here’s my shop: http://www.artfire.com/users/hilaryrose

Soon Brian and I will combine computer rooms and computers, and get rid of my desktop that I’ve had for 5-6 or so years. It’s getting cranky. Then we’ll turn the other spare room into a second bedroom for house selling. We want to put the house up by February. I’m sooo ready to move!

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