I have a lot I could say about our first year of kindergarten, but I won’t dwell too long since our first year of school is already almost over. The one word that comes to mind is challenging: Jameson is challenged daily at school (and he rises to the occasion!) but often that comes out in behavioral problems at home. We are happy that he seems to be performing well at school, but have tried several strategies at home to help him deal with frustration at home including buying him a punching bag!

What has worked the best up until recently was introducing consequences and trying to do less yelling (trying being the key word). He is frustrating and independent which I am sure will serve him well as he becomes his own independent persevering person.

Enjoyed our back to school carnival tonight! Came home with masks, balloon animals, cotton candy and plastic alligators.

Who is this Kindergartener?

Just walking out of a tinker toy ad from 1960 from Instagram:

Yesterday a kindergartner today a middle schooler

Ready for school in just a couple days now!

Jameson wanted him and Coraline to match for his second day of kindergarten


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