Spring Ahead Weekend

This weekend really did feel like spring, so much so that I didn’t even mind losing the hour to gain the daylight in the evenings. It was in the 50’s and 60’s all weekend long, sunny and amazingly enough, no rain!

Saturday, we had a few errands to run. Now that we don’t have swimming lessons anymore (at least until the fall), we have regained our Saturday mornings. First, Jameson slept in until about 9 (pre time change!), which was fabulous. Jameson didn’t seem too bummed about his restricted breakfast (no yogurt, since he had to come home on Thursday and stay home Friday due to diarrhea). He enjoyed his “special juice” of gatorade.

We stopped first at Target for some necessities, then a trip to Jo-Ann Stores, where I bought some fabric for my very first official backdropped photoshoot for baby girl.

I purchased this lovely home decor fabric, which shouldn’t reflect light and should fade out in a very nice way, matching perfectly with one of the newborn hats I purchased months ago. I just need to iron it… and Brian needs to get a hold of some PVC pipe for the structure of the backdrop stand.

We then did a dry run to the hospital. With Jameson and our scheduled induction, we casually arrived at the hospital with plenty of time. We don’t know what it will be like this time, so we opted to circle the hospital grounds once to see where the main entrance and ER entrances are.

After having the hardest time finding a place to eat lunch, we stopped at O’Charley’s. Jameson got in a half hour nap on the road, and was a pleasant lunch companion. Brian and Jameson played outside and took their first “spring walk” of the season while I putzed around indoors. Honestly, I can’t even remember what I did.

Sunday was even better! Our errands on Sunday took us to Harbor Freight to look at tools, and then to one of Brian’s go-to stores for beer-making-supplies. We followed that up with an amazing lunch at a new, recently opened joint with hand-tossed, wood-fired over pizzas. Jameson was a little less than pleasant this go-round, but the food more than made up for it.

After I enjoyed a lovely warm bath at home, I joined Jameson, Lily and Brian and Curtis outside for the rest of the day. I even took a few photos!

Jameson and Lily were quite the pair. He has been requesting to play with Lily every evening since!

While sitting with their juice boxes, Jameson suddenly turned to Lily and requested a high five, followed by “knuckles”. I am not sure when he picked up on knuckles like that, we have only done it a few times, but it was hilarious.

When I took photos, Lily and Jameson squealed “cheese” for nearly a whole minute, looking at each other and laughing.

They enjoyed chase, and played in their cars…

Check out that tongue!

… Drawing with chalk (Lily claimed everything she drew was a hotdog, and Jameson claimed the drawings were chicken nuggets and big poop)

… and watching Brian wash the car. Jameson was excited to help dad do a bit of the washing too; he wasn’t too neat about it and ended up all wet.

Later in the evening, we went on a walk with the neighbors, and another of our neighborhood friends happened to be walking and joined us as well. Jameson and Lily held hands. Wish I had had my camera for that one!

Jameson did have an accident when we returned, which he was very distraught over. He has been doing so well with the potty training that we are calling him day trained. He was simply caught up in the excitement! Earlier in the day, he requested to go inside to go potty, so he is definitely there. We are pleasantly surprised with his earlier-than-expected progress!

It was a wonderful weekend, and Jameson was simply exhausted by the end of the evening. I am excited for the return of warm weather (and disappointed that it’s not in the forecast now for at least another week–just cold and rain!).

P.S. Last night, we did end up at the hospital for a false alarm; we were back home about 3 hours later around midnight. Who would’ve thought that contractions aren’t just supposed to be 5 minutes apart, but also needed to be “strong”? So even though I did see an increase in strength from when they first started, they aren’t getting strong enough for labor. I am having regular, mild contractions that aren’t doing anything… still waiting!

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26 Months

Even though I am not taking photos of Jameson with his chair and blocks, I am still writing down his monthly accomplishments and milestones in a notebook. So despite that fact that this is nearly half a month! late, these are in fact some of the things he did between January 16 and February 16!

Jameson has developed quite a bit of memory. He told his Meemaw that he went swimming during FaceTime later one weekend, and definitely remembered that we stopped and got him a cheeseburger after swimming lessons the previous week because the next week? He insisted on a “cheeseburger” on the way home. Plus fries, apples, and milk. (We don’t care so much about the Happy Meal toys yet)

He also became best friends with Sasha this month. Previously, their relationship was one of mutual concern. He liked to pet Sasha when she was calm, and she likewise only wanted to lick Jameson when he was calm. They both expressed concern when one or the other was too excited. This month? Jameson put that all behind him and insisted on telling her things, showing her things, and hugging he goodbye, and talking about her frequently. She hasn’t quite changed her attitude yet though, ha!

Some new, more fun words he had this month were “slippery” and “bumpy”. He is regularly repeating after us (no swear words yet, shockingly) and has started more expansive phrases, but I still love hearing these kinds of new words out of his mouth. He has stayed very polite, not always remembering please but pretty consistently remembering to say “thank you”. Sometimes he tacks on a “sir” for “thank you sir” at the end of it, because that is what he hears from me to his dad, so that is particularly entertaining.

He was pretty sick this month with winter colds and a less than 24 hour stomach bug. The saddest thing he learned this month was requesting to go to the bathroom to throw up in the toilet. We were grateful that he understood after we took him in there just a few times because it cut down on clean up, but we sure did hate for him to need to learn it in the first place. Dad stayed up with him and slept in his room. Finally at about 3 am he stopped, and the next day, after careful reintroduction of food, he was fine.

This month he also discovered how to open Doorknobs. After just a few days, we put doorknob safety locks on the pantry, followed a few days later by the inside of his room (because we’ve been having gate issues we sometimes have to close his door before bed to show him we’re serious about him staying in his room!), and then we also put one on the basement door.

Probably the most exciting things this month were saying his name (finally!), and moving to the next room at school, the Vikings room. Sadly, his teacher who has followed him from day one was not able to transition up to the new room with him this time, but after about a week and a half (and after his best friend Nathan joined him), he is fine. He loves the toys in the new room. Oh, and he did have a girlfriend for at least a day, they were caught holding hands.

He did have his Valentine’s party in the old room where most of his friends were, but this was the first year we exchanged valentines at school which was cute.

My favorite part of the new room is the tiny little water fountain just outside it, where he has learned to get drinks of water himself.

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Hide and Seek & 25 Months

Hide and Seek Face

Jameson is starting to understand games, in a limited sense. His game of choice is Hide and Seek, and most of the time he likes to be the seeker, shouting “I find me!” when he finds mommy or daddy. He frequently looks in the spot the hider just hid in previously, but he is starting to follow sounds when we yell “ready!” to know what room we are in.

The best part of the game is when we tell him to close his eyes, and he scrunches up his entire face.

Closing Eyes

When he hides, he doesn’t always pick the most difficult locations. He likes to see where you are looking for him and isn’t always a quiet hider 🙂


Yesterday, his teacher told us that she counted the children after gym and discover one missing. A little girl told her that he was hiding! Jameson had hid himself in a closet, and was apparently standing pole straight and unmoving. He is really starting to understand the hiding concept, which is pretty funny. He gets so excited when he finds someone or is found, shouting “More hide!”

A few other phrases this month: “I’m back!”, “I pet” (for Sasha), “Chase you” which sounds like tissue. He is even starting to say his name occasionally, sounding like Jamie (or chicken… so maybe we haven’t had a lot of success there yet).

We have a couple baby names picked out and have had him try to say both. He can say both better than his own name, so that is good, ha!

Potato Head

Sometime between 2 years and 25 months, he successfully started jumping! It just took a few months.

We are still having quite a bit of sleep issues, and have decided to try a gate at his room so we can leave the door open without worrying that he will exit his room, since yelling at him to get back in his room is just prolonging the issue. Poor thing still occasionally falls asleep on the floor. Luckily, he still stays asleep and doesn’t get up in the middle of the night, so we are thankful for that.

He started transitioning to the Viking room at daycare yesterday, and we are all sad that Ms Cara will not be able to join him this time. In fact, Nathan isn’t transitioning yet either. Luckily, his teachers say he knows Logan and Alessa who already transitioned to the new room. He is at a stage where he doesn’t want to come home and wants to keep playing at school, so I am less concerned about this transition than previous ones. He is a confident, rambunctious toddler.

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Sleeping Troubles

After about a month of successful bedtime in Jameson’s new big boy room, we interrupted our regular sleeping schedules with holiday travel and parties.

He couldn’t sleep in the car, and was going to sleep on a few nights as late as 10 and 10:30, wired and overtired. Bedtimes were filled with crying and rocking and crying. Jameson would only put up with the rocking after leaving his room once or twice so he realized that was his only option, and even then, he only successfully fell asleep on me once.

At the beginning of January even after routine was settled again, he began screaming himself to sleep. We felt terrible to hear him screaming like that, but all attempts at quieting him had failed. We tried bribing him with more stories if he’d just stay in bed; we let him do his usual stalling tactics and took him to go potty; I brought out a new small kids mp3 player he got for Christmas on a very low volume and promised him he could use it if only he would STAY IN BED.

Floor Sleeper

Instead, he would get out bed and scream at the door until he eventually passed out. At some point, he would decide to go back and get his blanket and teddy bear and lay out the blanket like it was a pillow on the floor. He was determined!

He fell asleep up against the door on a few nights, and Brian would reach in (after banging Jameson’s head, he was so close!) and move him with his pajamas so we could open the door enough to properly get to him and carry him to bed.

I don’t mind yelling and crying, but the screaming was really getting to us. We brought over Aunt Melissa and he screamed for her; the only person he didn’t scream for and stayed in bed for was grandma! But we couldn’t have grandma over every night.

We tried her tactics: extra books, extra love, lots of extra time and being held, extra songs. It allowed me to successfully get him into the bed, but at a cost of bedtime taking twice as long, and he would still get out of bed when we left.

I finally went to the Internet and immediately felt better: I read a lot of stories of parents whose children were screaming themselves hoarse, or worse, vomiting in distress! Jameson seemed more manageable after that.

I came across an article that talked about toddlers feeling trapped in their cribs. Obviously, Jameson is no longer in a crib, but I wondered if he might feel trapped in his room when I closed the door. I was willing to try anything. That night I changed the game on him and told him I’d leave the door open if he was a good boy and stayed in bed.

It worked, but only that once. Since then, he still refuses to get in bed when we leave. We no longer try to force him in bed, read extra stories, or otherwise try and accommodate to him. Thankfully, leaving the door open has stopped the screaming, but we still get the crying occasionally.

We leave it to him to choose when to climb into bed, and after about another week, he doesn’t sleep on the floor much anymore and uses his bed when he gets tired. There are always exceptions (like last night, he tried to fall asleep in the doorway late, testing his boundaries again), but bedtime is smooth again.

Bath on bath night, 3 or 4 stories, a song and prayers when mom puts him to bed, and a kiss goodnight as he stands by his chair. I tell him the door can stay open if he’s a good boy, and he requests it stay open and repeats good boy after me. I’m assuming at some point we’ll need to modify the method as he continues to test us, but all I care about right now is that he’s not screaming.

The best nights are the ones when I linger upstairs doing laundry or cleaning up and he can watch or hear me pass back and forth, so I know it was right to leave the door open so he can feel more secure.

Toddler life!

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24 Months and 2 Years Old

It’s here! The final month of our 24 month block photos. I thought I’d feel nostalgic, but between last month and this, I am only glad that we are done! Jameson thinks it’s a stellar game to push the blocks off. When I told him “don’t touch” he kicked them off instead. With promises of chocolate, we managed to get a couple (as in, 2) shots of him with the blocks in some sort of legible position.

24 Months

What a 2 year old he is! This month, we started swimming lessons, so now he loves to practice swimming in the bathtub and asks for help going on his back all the time. Jameson also had his third hair cut after swimming lessons on Saturday, and we were able to get him to stay still in the toy car without crying by telling him that the lady was getting all the knots out of his hair! He just loves to talk about the “knots” in his hair whenever it gets wet or messy. Mom combs all the knots out and then we blow dry his hair. It’s my favorite time during bedtime, when he sits still on my lap for a moment.

24 Months

He frequently asks to see “trucks” on the way to or from places. We talk about big trucks, small trucks, and color is big this month as well. He asks for “pink trucks” and “lellow trucks” (he is still mixing up the color yellow with just about every color but orange, which he knows without error). He also knows what a “bus” is and the difference between that and trucks. Oh, and he always asks to visit “lamb-aw” which is his word for grandma, and papa, on the way home from anywhere.

24 Months

Jameson loves umbrellas, dice, and his step stool. He also still adores his bear and his “leeks” which are his lovey blankets. He used to call them his “B” but recently that changed to leeks.

24 Months

He can identify Bert, Ernie, Abby, Big Bird and Elmo Sesame Street characters; and while he still loves to watch Sesame Street, the past couple weeks he’s come home and requested to watch “Tiger” or “Lion” which is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (the Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood cartoon replacement) or the Lion King movie. He loves to identify all the animals at the beginning of the Lion King movie: baby giraffe, elephants, zebahs, lion, birds, mouse.

When we were reading the ABC Dr. Seuss book, he identified B,C,F,T, and L in the book correctly. He is recently insisting on reading books himself. He has mini Sesame Street books that he “reads” and talks about Bert cleaning and Ernie helping. At the same time, he has also started asking for repeats of the same book over and over the same night. His current favorite, Ten Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle, I had to read 3 times in a row a few times over now.

2 Years Old

We’ve made a lot of progress with potty training, which is surprising considering that we weren’t really planning on putting a lot of effort into it until baby is born. He is not consistently telling us when he has to go, but he is doing great holding it for the potty (not at night or nap yet). We also introduced a “treat” when he goes potty successfully to try to encourage him to tell us. It’s not working well yet, but there is no rush. We are planning to get pull ups for him soon since everything is “myself!” He likes it when he can do anything on his own.

2 Years Old

And now for the stats! Jameson is 26 pounds, 4 oz (44% percentile); 2 feet 9-3/4 inches (26% percentile); and head circumference of 19 (51% percentile). His stats are looking good, we were surprised since we consider him so small that he actually weighs in near average. The doctor said we can put him on the same milk now that we are, so we are happy that we no longer need two kinds of milk in the house!

We have a happy, healthy child, and believe me, in light of recent events, we are treasuring that to the fullest.

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Winning the Weekend

This was a great weekend! I felt like I won (if winning is possible for a weekend?). I got caught up on laundry, made beds everyday, did dishes promptly, decorated Jameson’s bathroom and even got family photos done!

We had swimming lessons on Saturday for the second time (but I haven’t posted about it because Brian hasn’t sent photos to me yet. Brian!?) and that always results in a great nap.

Brian even got to ride his bike during naptime. While at lessons, Brian went to the local market (not as great as a farmers market but it sure comes close). He got a lot of fresh vegetables we have been enjoying.

He also came home with flowers, for no reason. He claimed Jameson requested that he get some for me. I love these boys!


On Saturday afternoon we watched the Lion King, which is Jameson’s favorite movie. He hasn’t seen a whole lot of movies yet, but this one he enjoys watching the beginning and really managed to watch a lot of it while playing. He loves naming all the animals and does so without prompting. I love hearing him say “zebah”

Brian enjoyed him laying next to him for awhile. It’s a rarity to have him sit still!

Watching TV

Watching TV

There was even time for some flashcard practice! Note the “lela” for umbrella, the “ball” for yarn, “bike” for unicycle and a few other ones repeated after Brian. When he walks away, he tells us he is going to go walk, which made me laugh.


After getting his advent ornament Saturday evening, he walked back to the stockings and proceeded to recite numbers one through seven without prompting or skipping any. We were shocked!

Sunday, we dropped Jameson off at grandma and grandpa’s for the day (who Jameson is now calling “lamb-aw” and “papa”). While he had fun with them, we went winter coat shopping for my belly (success!), lunch and furniture shopping (also reasonable success but no purchases yet).

This was on top of the family photo I captured that morning, which I am not sharing since there was only one perfect one that will be on our Christmas cards. Suffice it to say that everyone is smiling, looking natural and at the camera! Jameson may or may not have been bribed with dice. I am not sure where he got this thing for dice…

Later, Brian managed to find time to make a roast and Jameson had face time with his other grandparents, “meemaw” and grandpa. We opened another stocking, hung it on the tree and had our advent chocolate. Jameson turned on and off light switches, refused most of the meal and was clearly exhausted from his play time that day.

We practiced swimming in the bathtub, I finished Christmas cards (would you believe that I ordered from WalMart? Yes. We’ll see how they come out), and we even relaxed in front of the TV. If only every weekend could be the same!

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Gifts for a 2 Year Old

It’s that time of year again! This year I got an early start on making up a list of toys and games I thought would be appropriate for him.

To be clear though, he’s not really playing with many toys. Our evenings are made up of “wrestling”, running around, playing with his stool, watching tv and looking at books which he likes to read “mysef”


Kid Laptop | Kid Camera | Music Player

In the tech toys, staples are the kid size versions of laptops and cameras, or even the kid-proof case for your own ipad. If you’re strapped for cash, Jameson also has a recycled mouse (cord cut) and keyboard that he enjoys pounding on and standing on.

There are cheaper kid cameras than the one here, but I like this one since you can swivel the lens so you can take pictures of yourself. I take a lot of photos, and Jameson frequently takes my iphone to say “cheese” (and also “hello”; glad he recognizes it’s a phone too). I figured this is a little beyond his  abilities right now, but it will be fun for him to grow with over the next year.

I liked this music player because you can add real songs to it and it will hold up to abuse. I would consider getting some kind of headphones too. This kind of gift will work well for next year too!


Magazine Subscription | Books | Matching Game

Does your child like to get the mail? I started a subscription with Jameson’s name on it, that I was really hoping he’d get into. So far, no dice, but I still think he’ll enjoy getting mail just for him this year.

Specifically, I’m talking about books that relate to daily activities like brushing teeth, switching to a new bed, going potty, and eating vegetables. Jameson has really enjoyed reading about these types of life activities that he can really relate to right now.

The matching game is a really relevant gift for his age, and a step up from the regular blocky puzzles they probably already have. You can just do a couple cards at a time to not overwhelm them.


Mr. Potato Head | Magnadoodle | Backpack

Body parts? Yes.

Of course, a magnadoodle is at your discretion. If you pick one, I would definitely make sure it doesn’t have loose magnets. Jameson is great about not putting things in his mouth yet, but I wouldn’t trust him that far. I like the fact that he can doodle and draw with this without much supervision at any time. Art doesn’t have to happen at the kitchen table. Since he’s not great about sitting still, I am hoping this will encourage him.

And let them start carrying their own stuff! They’ll enjoy the novelty of it, I swear.


Latch Board | Alphabet or Numbers Puzzles | Build-It Yourself Vehicles

In the puzzle realm, improve dexterity with a latch board type puzzle, or their letter and number recognition with the alphabet puzzles.

I spent a long time searching for a vehicle that I thought would act for both regular play and puzzle/thinking skills. A lot of build-it sets are for older children, and I thought this one settled right where I wanted it to. I can’t wait to see how he interacts with this toy.


Doctor or Vet Set | Wooden Train Set | Play Food

For pretend play, there is always doctor or vet sets (the vet sets frequently come with an animal, which is a bonus).

We also got Jameson a wooden train set. I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on it yet unless you know your child adores trains, because eventually you’ll just upgrade to the electric ones anyway. But it allows kids to build it and play with it, so it’s another win in my book!

If the child already has a workshop or kitchen, then this will just enhance it. If not, play food works well on it’s own or with a little kid-size shopping cart. We’ve had fun teaching Jameson what “pretend” means.


Bilibo | Kid-Size Versions of Adult Stuff | Kid-Size Versions of Adult Stuff

As I said, Jameson doesn’t play with a lot of his toys regularly, so this not-toy is right up his alley. It can be whatever he wants it to be! Which will probably be a hat, since he has been putting most things on his head recently.

Jameson is into dice, which are obviously too small for him to play with without close supervision, so I bought him these hard foam dice just over choking size instead.

The vacuum! You don’t have to spend a lot on the Dyson version; this cheap one Jameson has had for a long time already and loves. We are getting him his own little broom this year, and I am willing to bet it will be a top toy as well. Not to mention, it will continue to encourage him as my little helper!

*I have not used or experienced all these products, but I think they’re great ideas. As always, consider your purchases carefully and note any age specific warnings and details.

P.S. Looking for gift ideas for a 1 year old? Check out some of my suggestions.

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Big Enough for a Bed

Over our Thanksgiving holiday, we decided it was the prime opportunity to have Jameson transition into his big boy bed and room!

We had the room nearly set up, after forcing Brian to stay up each night to paint the dresser knobs, clothes hooks, and nightstand. We hung the artwork line, and I ordered extra road for the decal to finish off the wall.

We decided that nap time wouldn’t be the optimal first new-bed-experience, so we introduced his new room after he got up from his nap on Friday. To prepare him, we read him the Elmo book Big Enough for a Bed a couple days beforehand each night (he loved it, and we are still reading it). When we went into mommy and daddy’s room, we reminded him that he’d be getting a new bed of his own soon too!

New Bed
Friday after his nap, he wasn’t too enthusiastic. At first, he didn’t want to get on his bed. We attributed that to being a little groggy from nap time and confusion, so we started moving his stuff with him there so he could see. Little did he know, most of his belongings were already in the new room, except for a couple big things.

New Room

New Room
First all his books on the new, lower bookshelf; and then his whole dresser. Last, Brian put on the new knobs for his dresser, and Jameson was fascinated watching and wanting to help. After that, we took turns climbing into the bed with him and play at getting under covers. Jameson loved it! We spent about an hour in his room that afternoon before heading downstairs for the evening.

New Room

New Room
We were sure to say goodbye to his baby room, turn out the lights, and close that door for a few days (at least when Jameson was awake).

The real test was bedtime that night. Jameson was so excited, he didn’t want to read stories in the new bedroom chair, he just wanted to climb into bed! We did make it through story time and milk, and turned on his stars, just like usual. It took him about an hour and a half to fall asleep — but he never made a sound. He rolled around and tossed and turned, but stayed in bed until he finally fell asleep.

Clothes Hanger

The next day, Saturday, was a little more rough. He told us he liked his bed when he got up and was cheerful, but had trouble napping there at first. He sat straight up, and I had to go in to yell at him because he was trying to eat the googly eyes off his shirt for a couple minutes.

I have yelled at him just a couple times before just to get him to nap, and he flattens himself out and pretty much doesn’t move until he falls asleep then, which is pretty funny. I’d feel bad, but I’ve done it before and since it works, I don’t stress about it. The trick is surprise and opening the door quickly. “What are you doing? It’s nap time!” and then I rub his back a little so he knows I still love him and cover him up.

Saturday night, he cried for us, and I went back upstairs after about 5-10 minutes to rub his back. That wasn’t really helping him fall asleep, but after he laid there for a bit I left and he cried for just a minute or two before falling asleep. Since then, every day has become easier.

Sunday, he napped in a crib at grandma’s house though so we haven’t experienced any more naps in the bed. At night though he is still very excited to climb into bed and stays there, falling asleep pretty quickly. Aunt Melissa even put him to bed on Tuesday.

A couple days ago, I opened up the door to his old room so it could get air flow and he walked in and said “Baby”. We haven’t talked about it being the baby’s room now more than once or twice, but I think he is associating the crib to babies now, thanks to the Big Enough for a Bed book.

The transition is about as easy as I could’ve hoped for, and I attribute it to the wonderful book, the fact that he is already familiar with sleeping on a cot at daycare, the excited build up to getting his very own bed, and having him see his stuff moved all out of the old room into the new. I’m really happy that he loves his room so much (and I do too!).


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23 Months Old

23 Months! We went from some of my favorite monthly photos ever last month, to a terrible photo session with barely any usable photos in the usual block positions. We resorted to putting blocks on a book in front of the chair and ottoman. He definitely has some distinct preferences now, insisting on his way.

Jameson can open the doors at daycare with the handles; I’m happy that we have knobs here at home. He continues to try and jump, and in the past few days he seems closer, jumping to his knees or leaping, where both feet are off the ground for a moment, even if he still leads with one foot. His favorite toy at the moment is the step stool, and his favorite loveys are still his small blanket square and little bear. Favorite song? Hands down, it’s still “ee ii ee ii oh” (Old McDonald)

He loves to wrestle with dad, and imitate him. He enjoying “fixing” his cozy coupe car outside with a set of dad’s real wrenches.

Jameson only wanted to wear eyeball shirts this month, and says “eyeball” with gusto. He loves his eyeball shirts and is upset when they’re all in the wash! But small reasoning works most of the time, saying “you can wear it tomorrow” or “we have to do this first before we can do this”.

A lot of new words appeared this month, and a lot of new phrases. “Sit” (which sounds like another dirty word I know), “high five”, “up”, “down”, “treat”, “yayo” which is yogurt his very favorite breakfast food (he also likes “c bar”s for cereal bars); “zip”, “all right!”, and he finally said “grandpa” and “meemaw”; grandma is still a little beyond his tongue but he is making huge strides every day. He said meemaw during facetime for the first time on 11/2, and grandpa on 11/4 after trick or treating, telling him goodnight.

“uh oh” sometimes changes to “oopsie” which is adorable. He notices when things are out of place, like when Sasha rips apart a new buddy toy.

My favorite new ones is “who did it” and “I did it” as well as the independent “myself” (as in, I’ll do it myself). He loves to say “who did that” ever since grandma started saying that when he would kick out the kitchen table drawer with his feet. Then he tells us he wants to “close” it himself after he’s done eating.

He is starting to answer past tense questions like “did you have fun today?”. Yesterday we asked him who lived next door while we looked at Christmas lights, and he distinctly said “Lily”, so we are enjoying his new found thinking skills.

Jameson also started using the potty this month! After a couple months of sitting on the potty but not doing anything, it seemed to click with him how to go just last week. Now, he goes pretty consistently when he sits on the potty. At home, getting him to sit on the potty during the day is hard. When he gets up and before bed are pretty easy. He seems to start holding it sometimes as well, so the next steps will be to teach him how to tell us when he goes, which could be a complicated lengthy process. We still have no intention on rushing anything for before the baby arrives, so there is no pressure to perform.

We do have a hard time getting him to wash hands afterwards. The only thing that helps is picking out a new hand soap (and I have a lot).

Speaking of the baby, we have discussed it with him a couple times, and when he was around our neighbor baby he seemed fascinated and enjoyed him, but when I ask him if he wants a baby too he consistently says “no”. We’ll see! His reasoning skills improve every day, so in a couple more months it may become more real to him, especially as he moves into his big boy room this month, and we can start talking about a baby moving into his old room.

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Toddler Extremes & Cold Water

It’s been a bit of a extreme week for us, with a lot of highs and lows.

Monday morning, we discovered that our water heater went out. Luckily for me, I finished my shower before all the hot water was gone. Unfortunately for Brian, he had to take a cold shower!

While we planned to have the part on Tuesday and only have one day without hot water, it did stretch to 2 days, and got more complicated when Brian got a flat tire on Monday evening!

We got a brand new car just about a month ago, so the flat tire was a bit of a shock (it was due to a nail). It made pick up and drop off and deciding where to shower in the morning a little complicated. We did buy the supplemental warranty though, which has already nearly paid for itself because we ended up needing a new tire altogether.

Meanwhile, Jameson began using the potty! All of a sudden, he seemed to understand how that part of his body worked, and he began using the potty at school consistently whenever they would put him on it. He doesn’t understand holding it yet, but knows how to make his body go.

This major event also coincided with him biting a classmate, which hasn’t happened in a long time since it seemed to be related to teething before.

Wednesday evening, Brian’s parents came over and while Brian and his dad replaced nearly all the parts in our water heater, Brian’s mom watched and played with Jameson. Since I couldn’t do dishes just yet, I laid out by the fireplace. That was so nice!

We had pizza for dinner, and all was well, finally.

Thursday evening though it all fell apart again. Jameson continues to use the potty at school and at home, so we decided to run out and get him a seat for downstairs as well. That, along with two other short errands, and we were home by 6:30 which is Jameson’s usual dinner time.

Jameson was hungry and wanted a snack, so we gave him one and put on Elmo while we heated leftovers for dinner. But when that snack was over, he didn’t want dinner, he wanted another snack. And he had an absolute meltdown.

An hour long full on tantrum. We tried everything to calm him down, starting with a time out, followed by holding him, bath time, more holding and trying to distract or startle him. Nothing worked, including his very favorite loveys: Mr. Bear and B Blanket.

During the bath, he stood the entire time, crying “no no no” over and over. When I finished bathing him, and asked if he wanted out, the “no no no” continued. What helped was knowing that I understand toddlers can’t control their emotions yet. He wasn’t in any more control than I was, and couldn’t help it.

I did take a picture of him. For posterity. I was trying to find some humor in a situation horribly lacking. He continued to yell.

We even tried turning on the shower to shock him for a second, and turning lights on and off. We finally got his diaper on, and Brian was going to put him to bed with milk. At this point, we had even tried to ask him if he was in pain or hurt somewhere, since it had gone on so long, but he continued to answer in yelling, crying, “no’s” and flailing of arms.

I returned to the room gathering up laundry and asked him if he wanted to help mommy put his eyeball shirts in the wash so he could wear them tomorrow, and he lifted his arms up to get picked up. We went to the laundry room, where he spotted 3 dice.

(The dice were in there from a previous time that I had taken them away and wanted them out of his sight. Really, I need to get rid of them)

He picked them up, and went totally silent.

Where to go from here? We took him to our bedroom and asked him if he wanted to watch Elmo under mommy and daddy’s covers, which he did. We laid there next to him for about 15 minutes, watching Sesame Street.

We convinced him to get in his pjs. He said “zip zip”. I asked him if he felt better, and he said “yeah”. I told him mommy was happy he felt better.

And then we actually went down at bedtime and finally ate dinner. Jameson ate some of his left over pizza, and then he ate some of our rice and pork. Surprisingly, since he never really ate any significant quantity of pork before.

This morning, he was cheerful and excited to wear his eyeball shirt (he asks to wear them every morning). However, when I tried to take photos this morning with the 23 month blocks, he completely refused and started to get upset. He got up and walked away a couple times. We gave up, hoping for a better mood later… I certainly hope this passes quickly.

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