School Update

Now that we are ending summer, I thought it overdue to share some photos from Jameson’s school that they gave us back in July. I just now scanned them into the computer, if you can believe that… You probably can.

It’s obvious that he has a blast there. Yesterday, I took him to get his flu shot since he doesn’t have any more check ups scheduled until his 2 year (remember last year, when it seemed we were going to the doctor every few months? I mean, we were. Now he’s a big kid). Anyway, we did the shot and he was absolutely a champ, not even crying as he sat on my lap and got the shot. It was helpful that we had my very favorite nurse, so nice and cheerful and expert at giving shots quickly and accurately. We were gone from school one hour, and when we got back I thought for sure he’d want to go home with me, since he’s been a bit clingy to me recently. However, he jumped back in the room with barely a look back (literally). I’m sure it also helped that our very favorite teacher there, so all around it was a very lucky, painless day when I thought it would be much worse.

(No side effects, by the way. He wasn’t even worrying at the spot, like I did when I got the one in my arm. Instead, he keeps pointing at his knees where he skinned them last week to say booboo. He was fascinated with the band-aid though when I took it off in the evening)

He doesn’t wear a bib anymore in the morning while eating his yogurt.  He is pretty expert with the spoon and loves his breakfast. I’m happy he enjoys yogurt so much, since it’s hard to get him to eat a lot of healthy meat. We are reasonably good with fruit and veggies, expert with pasta, but not good at eating meat. He only likes fish sticks and hot dogs (which includes sausage, so that is a little more variety).

This photo impresses me because he was going down their large covered slide a lot earlier than I would’ve anticipated. I suppose that is the advantage of being around other kids!

These next ones, of him enjoying the outdoors, are some of my favorites. I love the routine he has there. They never seem to be bored, going from gym to music to outside. They sit in a circle and learn letters, can you believe it?! His sheet yesterday said that he identified all the letters they’ve taught them so far correctly, which includes: m  s  a  t and I think r.

I am so pleased with his daily artwork, the learning and real school environment he is experiencing even now, and the happy mix of play time that they integrate seamlessly into his day. Is it better than what I would provide to him at home? I think yes, unless I spent the time and effort to learn a curriculum that I would follow at home. Could I do it? Yes; would it be the well-rounded and social experience he has today? No. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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July: Elmo, Juice, Stuff

Last week, Jameson got his very first bloody nose.

I don’t have any photos of it, because it was a bloody nose. No, I did NOT go running for the camera. Yes, I DID think about it (and thought about artistic ways to take pictures of bloody kleenix. Officially insane). Instead, Brian and I argued about which way was better, head forward or back, and having seen some pretty awful bloody noses (and knowing that we can’t trust Brian’s childhood memory), I won.

Head forward. Nose pinched, but we didn’t do that since Jameson was bawling. Not quit sure what Jameson did, since I was doing dishes and Brian was in the living room, but he tripped and fell flat on his face in the kitchen.

Oh, I did have Brian tweak his nose to make sure it wasn’t broken. Also, I was thankful that we didn’t lose any more teeth. And it was over in about 5 minutes, with Elmo watching and some juice.


I’m in a bit of a rut here, blogging-wise and photography-wise. I went to edit my photos from the zoo and our visit to great-grandma, and then I stopped. The photos I took seemed uninspired and obligatory, much the way I’ve been feeling lately. The real camera has spent most of the week put away, in lieu of my iphone which is so easy and quick. I’ll get to them, soon.

It’s kind of a burned out feeling, like what I’ve been doing has started to feel like work and less like play. And this is important to want to enjoy recording life events and Jameson’s milestones and achievements, so I’m trying to put a no-pressure attitude on it to return to my old self.

So, if you’ve been missing my posts, I’m sorry, I know, I think I’ll look back on July and be like, did we do anything in July!?

We did:

  • We got new office furniture. I’m going to take a photo, but we’re not really done setting it up yet and some of the old stuff is in other rooms, but maybe I’ll just take an in progress picture and show you the awesome-ness that is now our office. Soon, I promise.
  • Brian went to Vegas, I went to my parents.
  • Sasha went to the vet, all checked out fine. She has a cyst on her eyelid we are watching. She is turning 10 this year, which I think means we need to have a dog birthday party!
  • We got UVerse installed, so there was a lot of Olympic and recorded TV watching to catch up
  • We finally saw friends Matt & Carrie’s new house, while Jameson and Nicholas played (together even! It was cute)
  • Went to the farmers market a few times
  • Watched fireworks from our porch
  • Went to the zoo with the neighbors
  • Watched my gladiolas bloom (clippings inside are so nice) and my hibiscus plant explode.
  • Dinner at grandma and grandpas
  • Visit to great-grandma’s and seeing Brian’s side of the family
  • Also, on the work side of things, our interns last day was last week, and one of my teammates has returned from maternity leave. Things are looking up on that front, so I am thankful for that.

P.S. Excuse my bra strap. Classy.

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June 15: Bruises, Bubbles and Buddies

On an everyday summer evening, such as June 15, I pick up Jameson from school (aka daycare) and bring him home to enjoy the last hours of sunlight before and after dinner.

(On a slightly atypical day, I pick up Jameson and find that he has an incident report. Obviously, we had one when he lost his tooth, but occasionally we get reports that he fell or otherwise injured himself.)

Conveniently right before his 18 month photos, he developed an egg-shaped bruise smack in the middle of his forehead.

That’s one heck of a mugshot! His teachers kindly iced it on and off throughout the day to reduce the swelling, and it wasn’t nearly as bad the next day as it first appeared.


Back to our now slightly atypical evening, Jameson usually plays before and after dinner outside if the weather is nice.

Recently, he has a new obsession with the empty bubble container. Neighbor Kelly was emptying bubbles into their bubble leaf blower for Lily, and Jameson insisted on playing with the empty container for the rest of the evening (and on into the following days).

…By the end of this weekend, he was able to screw and unscrew the lid perfectly.

Oh yes, on a typical evening, after dinner he may also have a different outfit on than before. Messy kid. Like last night, we had couscous. It was EVERYWHERE.

I call this his “lounge wear,” and we decided on this particular day to go on a walk with it on as well. (Here he is, showing us where his belly is at — and holding my work badge)

As luck would have it, Jameson’s friend Nathan from daycare was out as well. They live a couple streets over, and often play outside in the summer. However, Nathan was recently pulled out of daycare (just for the summer), so Jameson hasn’t gotten to see his partner in crime quite as much.

Jameson isn’t real shy about playing with other kid’s toys. Maybe a little shy about other kids, but the toys are a free-for-all in his mind.

Nathan has a big sister who was out too. She was wearing a helmet, so Nathan wanted to wear his as well. Too cute!

Nathan’s family just put in a new sprinkler system (just in time for this hot spell we are in!). Jameson, since his trip to the splash pad, is showing a lot less fear on that end and loves to put his hand in the hose, and the sprinkler system as well.

We were out a little late on this perfect summer evening, but that’s okay because it was filled with play time with friends!

And, I got Nathan’s mom’s phone number, a real milestone for this working mom! Now, one of these days, I have to actually pick up that phone to call…

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The To Do List

This has been a tiring week, and it’s only Thursday. I even got to skip out of the Monday madness since we were driving back from Emma’s wedding.

But for some reason, it’s hard to get control of life this week. The kind of week when the To Do List feels populated with all the things that have been always been on the list, unnamed, but ignored for months.

The kind of week where you come home from work having not done anything of worth and at home you feel the same, because the laundry is piled up, the fridge is empty, the bathrooms and floors are dirty, and the desk looks like it has a year’s worth of mail and paperwork on it. And if you’re lucky like me you feel guilty because your partner is doing the cooking.

Today I tried to take back some control by listing those things out, that were overwhelming my subconscious with weight. I will try to tackle that list, slowly. But at least now it’s in the open.

  • Paint Jameson’s baby foot and put on display somewhere (from a year ago)
  • Get grandma’s cross stitch framed & hung (from a year and a half ago)
  • Transcribe Jameson’s daycare logs to spreadsheet (been piling up for a year)
  • Start 2012 journal photo book / blog (6 months behind)
  • Send in old photos to be scanned (from a year and a half ago)
  • Add screen protector to camera screen (purchased months ago)

And then maybe tonight I’ll do a load of laundry.

And tomorrow maybe we can talk about working on planning office furniture, laundry racks, and a garden bed.

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Memorial Day & Work Updates

Goodness I’m a little behind, aren’t I? Work has been very hectic this week, I have barely had time to do posts here or get ready at home because this weekend is Emma’s wedding!!

  • My friend and co-worker, Lauren (who’s baby shower I attended not too long ago!) had her babies on Memorial Day, at an unexpectedly early 32 weeks.
  • Currently, I’m a “one man show” at work and doing trying to do the work formerly done by 3 marketing people and scoped out to be the job of 5.
  • We also have a new intern at work, which is great and hard at the same time (I want to do right by said intern and provide her a learning experience here).
  • Recently, our corporate global president resigned, so there is some corporate upheaval, though everyone is staying very positive.
  • Agency and vendor changes this past month have left me running around, dealing with contracts and budgets and all kinds of new experiences.


But first of all, who replaced my baby and replaced him with a toddler? I feel like I noticed the transition happening in manner and new skills the past couple months, but all of sudden it’s his looks too!

Speaking of skills, Jameson is starting to get interested in buckles. He spent nearly our entire walk one night leaned over trying to buckle up the other seat.

No success yet, but I have never seen him so dedicated.

Memorial Day was so very hot and muggy, reaching the nineties. In Ohio humidity, that definitely calls for a drink or two for the parents.

Jameson and Lily hung out outside for a while, sharing popsicles and lunch. Jameson wanted to steal her cheese.

When they were bored of the water table (and the pool I kept dumping Jameson into but he didn’t quite appreciate), we went over to Lily’s to play with bubbles!

Jameson hasn’t mastered blowing the bubbles, he just takes the wand in and out. Lily, however, has been able to make a few bubbles all by herself!

Lily will be two in just a month and a half or so. And the summer, barely started, seems halfway over already.

P.S. For anyone curious how Lauren’s babies are doing, Morgan and Madelyn will be in the NICU for about 3-1/2 more weeks probably. They are working on developing big, strong lungs!

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Weekend without Mom

Since I wasn’t around, I can only interpret these photos…

Dear Mom, today is Thursday. You left this morning, and dad immediately started letting me get into trouble. I got to feed Sasha a LOT!

Unfortunately, later this weekend, Dad realized he’d have to put a stop to it because I was feeding her too much. He started telling Sasha “No” (Because she listens better than I do).

Dear Mom, it’s Friday evening and after a long week at work, apparently Dad only had strawberries and hot dogs in the house for me to eat.

(Or, he doesn’t make me eat vegetables like you do. You’re the best mommy EVER.)

Dear Mom, it’s the weekend! And my friend Jonathan came over for a sleepover while Dad and Mr. JP drink make beer.

Dear Mom, Dad made me take a bath and took photos of me nakey and sent them to you. Is that legal? Dad told me this one made you laugh, because he gave it an “inappropriate” caption, he said.

Whatever that means.

Dear Mom, it’s Sunday, and Dad and I have a fun day planned after Jonathan and Mr. JP have breakfast. I can’t wait! We are having so much fun without you. But I still miss you, Mom.

Dear Mom, we went to the park, and I flirted with all the lovely ladies there. And pointed at all the doggies!

Dear Mom, I went grocery shopping with Dad and then helped him unpack. Mommy, Dad told me to hide these pasta sides from you so you don’t eat them all yourself. But I will tell you where they are if you let me into the pantry. Pretty please? I just want to get in there for a second…

After I finished helping Dad, he let me bang on the pot lids! I haven’t been able to do that in ages since you finally locked up that cabinet (it’s because I was denting everything, because I am so strong!)

Dear Mom, after I went to bed, Dad transferred the wine grape juice int0 a new jug. He took lots of photos of this, but it bores me, so you’ll have to look at them later.

Dear Mom, I was so excited to see you Monday morning but I was too groggy to really show it. We had to get up extra early to pick you up from the air plane place.

But I’m so glad you back Mom, I love you.

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Good Friday & The Wardrobe

Good Friday, I had off work but Brian didn’t. That may have been a first, so I’ll mark that down in the history books blog. So I opted to send Jameson to daycare and spend the day on myself.

First, I changed into my jeans to drop Jameson off at daycare, and came home swapping them out for lounge pants. I bought a book and started reading. Next, I ate brunch. I had a leftover wrap from Thursday and a whole box of mac ‘n cheese at 10:30.

My friend Emma and fiance Joe stopped by at 11 on her way to Detroit visiting family. Then I read some more.

Then I went to go see Titanic in 3D with sister-in-law Melissa. I had a box of snow caps.

Then I sort of felt depressed (it’s a tough movie to watch after having children, I think), so I picked up Jameson right after it was over at 5:15 or so. I was catching a cold, so when Brian’s parents stopped over later to drop off some pre-Easter gifts, I napped on the couch.

What a fabulous day. 🙂

But you’re probably not here to hear about me, right? I did take some photos sometime in between napping.

So, Jameson got some clothes from grandma and grandpa. Adorable, cute clothes. But Jameson was very interested in this other box from grandma and grandpa (Grandma said excuse the girl wrapping paper, haha. Oh well, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it or you’d never have noticed) and it’s fabulous bow.

What could possible have this super fun pull on it?

Jameson’s first lawn mower!

I can’t wait to see Jameson walking his mower out in the grass this summer.

But, right now, it’s still inside because of the crazy weather we’ve been having.

(This is what I woke up to this morning)

Yep, straight out of the Wardrobe.

(The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe if you’re confused)

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I’ve been kind of on edge the past couple weeks: at turns happy, sad, annoyed, frustrated. And, mostly just tired.

It was a big couple weeks for Brian, he has taken a new job. Consequently, I took care of Jameson’s two days off from daycare for pink eye, and likewise I had to take off again this past Friday when he vomited at daycare twice (and when I also didn’t feel 100% myself).

Meanwhile, Brian has been dealing with an ear infection and sinus infection which are now getting better. Whatever bug Jameson and I had on Friday seemed to be a very mild 24 hour bug and nothing that nearly 12 hours of sleep (for myself) couldn’t cure.

So here we are, all feeling better (finally). Settling into a new routine where Brian gets home about 10 minutes later. Enjoying our new walking almost-toddler. But my mood is still uncertain.

I don’t talk about it a lot, but a majority of my time is spent at work, and at work, I’m feeling generally unhappy, lonely, frustrated and even a little bitter from past events that just won’t go away. And quite a bit of confusion because of the reorganization going on that no one seems to want to be completely transparent about.

At home, I’m feeling unproductive from all the unfinished projects and the dirty house (because we stopped having a house cleaner come over).

Yes, there is a lot to be thankful for and a lot of joy watching Jameson grow and develop. And in the evenings I try to put everything else aside (and most of the time I’m successful). But sometimes I think we don’t spend enough time talking about the other stuff. Because I spend most of my time away from all this:

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Too Much Fun (A Side Effect)

I remember when most of my photos looked the same. Jameson just stared at the camera, I took some photos and I picked the ones that were actually in focus. This new camera focuses better, and the flash makes it really easy to capture crisp photos and video, too. Now, I have so many photos it’s hard to manage. How do I categorize everyday life? So much happens in one evening, it’s hard to capture it all, much less write about it.

Yesterday, Brian’s mom came over and Jameson let go of the playtable and walked to her, all by himself, a good 5 or 6 steps. The first time he has “volunteered” himself to walk, instead of us pushing him into position.

Then, he climbed up the entire flight of stairs for the first time, like he had never been afraid before. I let him fall off 3 steps one time and he never seemed to forget it, until now. This brave little baby, climbing the stairs again without hesitation. We had to put our gate back up!

He is starting to shake his head “no” and insisting on the toys that he wants. Climbing off couches. And being adorable, laying his head on my shoulder when he’s sleepy and putting his head on pillows.

Every evening is new, exciting and fun. It makes it hard to go to work, and miss these things during the day.

I’ve been kind of down recently about work, for this and some other reasons. I feel like I’m putzing along, waiting for something to happen. I’m trying to regain the momentum and motivation I had when I started at the new job 6 months ago, but recently work has been uninspiring, boring, and unfulfilling. I’m trying to have patience, but when every day Jameson changes, when I watch growth seem to happen overnight, it makes everything else seem a little duller in comparison…  a side effect of too much fun at home, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, I am trying to make steps to beat the blues with a happy light. Actually, what I bought isn’t a happy light, it’s called Lightphoria.

My snarky husband says that anyone paying $65+ for a light will convince themselves that it works, so honestly and objectively: it makes me feel warmer when it’s on (though it generates no heat whatsoever). I get disappointed when it turns off. I can’t say though that it has enhanced my mood, though I have been using it consistently at work since January 9th (not on the weekends).

(I suppose… I’ll just have to tell Jameson to tone it down, walk another day, slow down for a minute while his mom tries to catch up)

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The Endless Question

Yesterday, Jameson had a wonderful day at daycare.

We get a sheet documenting his day. In addition to notes about his diapering and eating habits, we get details about his mood (always marked happy even if he’s been fussy), activities, and a special custom note at the bottom. I save all these sheets since he started at this new daycare about 6 months ago, intending to use them in his digital scrapbook.

His little note yesterday read: Today we had music class! Jameson loved to play with the shakers. It was his first music class.

Yesterday, he also got an extra note attached to his standard sheet. It reads:

I just wanted to let you know that Jameson had a fantastic day today! He was all smiles, and gave hugs and waves to everyone he saw. He did great with his bottles and fell right asleep at naptime. He is starting to get jealous though when the teachers are with the other children. Overall he did really well today and I just wanted to let you guys know.

On top of this great news (even the jealous part, because to me it means he is really loving his teachers there), they also had a gift for him for his first birthday. They gave him a book, and a little photo album with pictures from him while he was at the daycare.

It made me cry a little bit (I’m tearing up again now). These are moments that I missed. And these are moments that wouldn’t have happened at all if I was staying at home with him.

I’d by lying if I didn’t say I still have mixed feelings most days about him being in daycare. Especially when he is teething and cranky. I can joke about dropping him off on those days so that I don’t have to “deal with it”, but truth is, I’d rather be dealing with it.

But I have no doubt that I’d be just as torn staying home: feeling like I didn’t appreciate him as much, wishing for adult company, resenting my perception of my own reduced value.

There doesn’t seem to be any easy answer. It’s the same question one year out.

I often wish something would happen to remove my choice entirely, like that would make it easier. If I couldn’t afford daycare, or if we depended on my income to survive.

I am aware that I am making the smart, financially sound choice. But sometimes I attribute my mediocrity at work to a quiet plea to remove me from the position I’m in, where everyday that I come in, I feel like I am making the choice to be richer in lifestyle and perhaps poorer in life.


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