Birthday Boy

Jameson’s party was a huge success. He enjoyed seeing all the people, opening gifts (so much so that he crawled toward the Christmas gifts under the tree yesterday thinking there was more!), and playing with friends.

I’m honored with how many people came to see Jameson and wish him a happy first birthday, but I can see why sometimes second children get the shaft 😉 Parties are hard work!

The celebration started on Friday with Brian’s parents and sister coming over on his actual birthday to have pizza and open their gifts.

The first gift he opened was a little animal that sang Happy Birthday to him, opening and closing it’s mouth which Jameson tried to put his hands in.

Jameson loved the bows that his grandma put on the gifts!

We had to pause to read a couple of the new books he got.

He’s really starting to get stronger wants and needs and when he got new puffs, he really wanted to keep them. He was so upset when we took them away to open another gift, so we had to give them back.

But he forgot about them once he opened the big gift. His Aunt Melissa got him a new walking toy which he loved!

Jameson was really good about opening gifts and loved playing with his new toys! Little did he know there was more to come on Saturday…

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