Jameson’s new room at daycare (which can now pretty much officially be called “School”) is called the Sailors. In this room, there is a potty and sink at their level, new toys and games designed to encourage more learning, NO cribs, and tables and chairs that don’t require the kids to be strapped in.

Which means I can make a little sigh of relief that hopefully we won’t lose any more teeth that way.

His daily sheets come home with a little less personalization and description now, but nearly every day I get some piece of art that Jameson did. His teachers say he loves art time, which is a little shocking to me, since he doesn’t seem to like to sit still for anything. But he is a different child at school, consistently putting things away and apparently enjoying making lots of art!

The sheets now include “activities” which are usually something in the range of taking off shorts, pulling up shorts, and lining up.

This is Jameson demonstrating his new skills. He also likes to take his own diaper off during changes, and to wipe himself. He’s pretty independent, and I still have high hopes that he’ll be potty trained by 3 and no later. His second day in the new room they already had him sitting on the potty. So far, his sheets only have “Tried Potty” circled every couple days or so. We haven’t seen any “Went Potty” circle (and I’m sure it will be pure chance the first time it happens, but still very exciting).

This month, he is clearly trying to say all kinds of new words like heavy and watch. Two word sentences are a little more frequent, and if apple juice counts, that’s another. In fact, we had our very first 3 word sentence on 9/6! More Elmo Please, he said. He didn’t get it (it was 5 minute until bedtime), but we were oh so close to giving in. I know once the baby is born, he’ll seem exponentially bigger and older, but even right now, I feel like he is just exploding with new skills and getting taller and more articulate.

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