Jameson turns 3 weeks old

This week was Brian’s first week back and my first one alone most of the time with Jameson. We have a good routine going, though it is a little lonely. Next week I will take him with me alone on an errand or two, which should be fun. I wasn’t quite ready for that this week! We have sent Brian pictures every day of our activities (mostly of Jameson sleeping haha). I’m sure Brian misses us, but he keeps busy at work which makes the days go by faster for him. He was awesome enough to cook for us this week, but I think next week I will try my hand at a meal or two. I don’t usually do the cooking, though I have on occasion in the past, it only makes sense if I am home. Though I find myself exhausted much of the time just by sitting nursing and picking up dropped pacifiers.

I do manage to find some time to take and edit photos, though it’s a bit of a struggle! I dressed him in his cute cable knit sweater for his 3 week photo shoot– he was pretty good up til the end when he needed a pacifier. Later on that day he had an explosive poo! Luckily I was already in the process of taking off the nice outfit to change him when it happened! It seems to have ruined the onesies under it though, poo went all up his back! Jameson didn’t mind at all until I started wiping him down haha.

The time definitely feels like it’s flying. Next week, I will have been off work for a month… only 2 more months until I have to return. I don’t want to begin the countdown, but this week I felt like I was starting to. For starters, I began pumping this week every morning to start freezing mommy milk. The pumping is going fine, I feel like it’s gotten easier over the past couple days, though I am sure it will be more difficult once baby is not around and I am pumping at work. I also called the childcare, to let them know when Jameson would be starting. I will transition him into daycare the week of March 7. It does not seem so far away already.. though a part of me will be glad to see people again.

One of my co-workers who I have known since starting has left the company. I am sad to see her go, and it will be weird going back and not having her around! I was a little disappointed that I missed out on her going away get-together, but we will have to make time to see her before I return to work.

Jameson had his very first bottle this week. I had prepared us for having difficulties, based on the book I’ve been reading called Baby Bites. It has all sorts of tricks for getting baby to take a bottle, but we didn’t need any of them, Jameson liked dad giving him milk from the bottle just as much as he likes mom. I may have gotten a little jealous!

Jameson is usually only getting up once a night now, sleeping for 4-5 hour stretches, which is great for me! Brian was kind enough to let me sleep through the night last night and gave Jameson a bottle. He’s pretty good at going right back to sleep at night too, which is great, though nursing takes a long time when he’s sleepy. I’m starting to think he just likes to “comfort nurse” some when he’s already done too, though I only mind that when I am ready to climb back in bed!

Tomorrow we will be bringing a bottle with us to a nursing home, it will be nice and convenient to not be constrained by his feeding times while we’re in Pennsylvania visiting his great-grandfather. We will have 4 generations of Thomas’s in the room for Brian’s grandfather’s birthday!

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