Would you let this near your baby?

She’s really a pussy cat, I swear!

She adores Jameson. She likes to lick his toes, and any other body part she can reach.

But there are a few things we do take into consideration with a 140 pound dog. For one, we never put Jameson in between her and a door or window that she barks at (she has a few windows that she will run to, likely without regard to a baby underfoot). For another, she has some pretty strict rules about not going on Jameson’s activity mat. Here Brian is actually on the floor with her, supervising (he’s not sleeping ;))

See more pictures of Jameson and Sasha.

But Sasha is 8-1/2 years old, and overall a very mellow, very smart dog. (Not exaggerating on the smart either!) We leave Jameson on his activity mat on the floor by himself all the time with her. Okay, we’re just a stones throw away, but that’s more for him and not because of Sasha. Jameson does seem to be getting rather close to rolling from back to belly, which could make him a super roller at any moment.

This coming weekend, we are going to visit my parents for the first time with Jameson to see my sister’s graduation from high school! They have two small dogs, one of which is older than Sasha and pretty smart and mellow, and another young, excitable dog. I can’t wait to see their reactions. Jameson hasn’t really been too interested in touching Sasha yet, just watching, but maybe some smaller dogs around his size will make him more daring? Unfortunately, Sasha can’t come along with us anymore, there is not enough room for her with Jameson in the carseat, but she’ll have fun with her other grandma and grandpa that weekend.

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