I go to the farmers market for the lettuce. I do, seriously. Someone from some small little internet news business took a photo of Brian. When she asked why he came there, he said for the “fresh produce”. Laughing, I corrected him with what I firmly believe to be the reason we go. The Lettuce, with a capital L. There is nothing like farm- or garden- grown lettuce. It is soft and crisp at the same time. Light, but still filling. Excellent with just a little oil and vinegar or lemon juice.

Lucky for me, it was also the only thing really there this early in the season. Maybe I was just dreaming, hoping for something a little more… but really it was just lettuce and some starter plants. We did go ahead and get some herbs which we’ll plant in pots (since we have no garden this year)

So no fresh produce for Jameson just yet. We did go to the grocery store then and buy him some more Gerbers Nature Select foods. We bought more of his favorite carrots, some peas, bananas and prunes. I am sure there are a lot of theories out there as to the order things should be done, but I figure after cereal, its a free for all (except meat, and food with more than one ingredient, or food that is too thick… I am not that crazy), just space some things out a few days and make sure there is no bad reaction. So he’s getting a mix of fruit and vegetables, we didn’t start with vegetables cause they taste bad or anything. I myself like vegetables better than fruit, actually. Not that that has anything to do with his likes and dislikes.

For the first time the other night, Jameson finally opened his mouth properly for the spoon. I think he likes the carrots. We had them for a couple nights, but when we switched to peas, spoon eating became a struggle once again. But then on Sunday night he decided he liked peas. So we will keep at it!

P.S. We are famous now, because my quotation was in the little article along with Brian’s photo. She seemed to take it literally though when I edited Brian’s comment, because Brian is quoted as saying that we come for the lettuce. haha.

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