Breakfast and Vino (or not): Part 2 of 2

No, we didn’t have wine with our breakfast.

Yesterday, I left off with a sneak preview of our cabin, oozing with adorableness. This is Peggy’s Bed & Breakfast, and I can hardly believe my pictures look just as great as the advertised photo on her site.

Despite the slightly restless sleep, we woke up happy and even slept in a little. Does 8 o’clock count? Our breakfast arrived from the main house at 9. That’s right, we had our lovely B&B all to ourselves.

And this breakfast was amazing. Days later, and I’m still calling it the best breakfast I ever had.

Brian enjoyed Asparagus Strata with asparagus, sausage, egg and cheese with toast and jam. While I! I had the stuffed French toast, filled with cheese and ham and topped with baked apples. I can still taste the melding of salty and sweet on my tongue.

Details like the lovely silver pitcher above were also noted everywhere in the cabin. From here on, the photos can do most of the talking.

When you enter the cabin, the little living room charms you first.

From the note on the fireplace and little charm, to the story book with handwritten installments from previous visitors, everything was placed just so.

Behind the couch was an array of rustic statues and decor.

To the left are the open stairs, perfect for a few more friendly guests.

The bedroom upstairs was cozy with the angled and paneled ceiling and the plantation shutters.

The closet was miniature but deep enough to show off an additional welcome setting.

Returning downstairs, I loved how all the space was utilized to its fullest potential. This nook under the stairs for books really spoke to me.

The kitchen came complete with vintage stove and oven, and exposed beam ceiling.

Finally, each room was livened up with fresh flowers, which I believe were literally from her backyard. Even the bathroom!

The cabin was quaint, and we enjoyed exploring every corner. There were board games and movies; I’m certain that had we been able to stay for more than a single night, we would’ve enjoyed an evening in, just the two of us and a glass of wine, as much if not more than spending the night out at the wineries themselves.

We left refreshed and renewed.

The weather was overcast Sunday morning, but that didn’t stop us from taking the long way home with a look at Lake Erie from Geneva-on-the-Lake. It’s not much, but a little warming up of the tones in a photo can brighten even the overcast day here in Ohio.

Our mini vacation was the perfect escape from everyday life for us. We came back ready to enjoy it again.

We came home Sunday to a baby who (almost literally) bounced on the floor in excitement upon seeing us. We celebrated with our neighbors at their daughter’s first birthday party. We ate some more good food (and cake), went on walks around the circles by our house, and relaxed in front of the television.

And then we woke up every hour to a fussy baby. Welcome back!

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    1. Thanks Christine! This was the best B&B I have ever stayed at, hands down. The privacy of the cabin was wonderful. And really, the breakfast was DIVINE.

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