Gone Sledding

On Wednesday last week we had a little snow, significant enough to cover the grass completely for the first time. It was going to get warm (and sure enough, it was all melted by the next day), so I hustled Brian and Jameson outside to try out the sled and winter outfit that Santa brought.

Jameson was bundled up like the kid from the Christmas Story. Inside the house he couldn’t even crawl and kind of toppled over. He was a good sport though and didn’t cry at all.

I should’ve guessed though that a baby who couldn’t crawl well in the snow suit was also one that would have trouble holding on and he toppled over again, into the snow.

We might have laughed at him a little. Look at that cute lip!

We went inside, Jameson had had enough.

I went back out at dusk later though, to practice some techniques of taking photos of Christmas lights!

I started following Strobist, and they refreshed a post from the archives about shooting them. I am really pleased with my results, and it’s true that taking photos at dusk rather than full dark was much better.

The key though was switching the white balance to tungsten. However, I cheated and I did that in Lightroom after the shoot. That’s the beauty of shooting in RAW.

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