Brian’s grandpa turned 91 yesterday, and we all went to visit him for a party!

I was also really excited for the chance to try again at taking photos of the 4 generations together, since last time we went I wasn’t thrilled with the photo.

You may not be able to tell, but the lighting in this room isn’t very friendly! (Not to mention, the wallpaper…) I had my old Nikon D40 and attempted to take photos without flash. That photo is slightly out of focus, but I tried to correct for that too.

But this time was much better. I am still a little grumpy at myself for not bringing proper batteries so my flash didn’t work, but this camera the D5100 did a much better job of focusing and taking crisp photos in low light.

And on the other side of the family, Brian’s Uncle Mike, cousin Gabrielle and her son Griffin posed for this photo (also, they got smart with the props there putting the cake in front)

That’s Finley, Gabrielle and Griffin’s new beagle puppy. She was really cute, and hard to capture without my flash. I got one out of about 15 photos of her in focus.

Great-grandpa sang Silent Night while we were there and was in good spirits.

Jameson was also happy, even though he is teething hard recently. I was excited to get a few photos of him with his grandpa too.

We had fruit, meatballs, pulled pork and pasta salad. Jameson enjoyed the pasta salad a lot, which was funny since he didn’t like my pasta salad last time we made it.

It was nice to all get together and celebrate, we had a great time. Except I did overeat. So worth it.

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