Capture A Day: One Month In (and a half)

Last night I finally pulled pictures from all month into my Flickr set for my 365 (366) capture a day project. I take photos on my phone too, so I had to pull some of those in.

Following my own rules, if I forget a day, I can take a picture the following day of something that was there. All in all, I forgot 2 times. 1 of them I made up for, and 1 of them I didn’t.

So far, I feel like I need to spend more time honing in on how I want to better my photography instead of haphazardly taking some photos to make the day. I just bought a better supplemental manual for my camera, and I’ve read a few articles on focus which I’ve already seen results with. Hopefully the photos from these next couple months will be better!

On the other hand, I do feel like I’m taking a good representation of my days: Jameson with a little non-Jameson.

Here’s the break down:

Day 1 – Sun, January 1: New Years Day at JP & Lisa’s house. Jonathan and Jameson are playing with Jonthan’s walking toy.

Day 2 – Mon, January 2: Jameson loves to play with the Styrofoam snowflakes hanging from the banister upstairs.

Day 3 – Tue, January 3: Christmastime Kisses

Day 4 – Wed, January 4: Jameson is just starting to stand with no hands by letting go of things!

Day 5 – Thu, January 6: Taken 1 day late. Jameson’s growth chart with his first entry.

Day 6 – Fri, January 6: Jameson is getting the hang of putting his cars on the ramp to let them roll down! Dad helped Jameson put this car all the way up top.

Day 7 – Sat, January 7: Put away the ornaments and taking down the tree today. I separated the soft and unbreakable ornaments for Jameson to hang next year!

Day 8 – Sun, January 8: Great-grandpa’s 91st birthday. Brian, Jameson and his great-grandfather.

Day 9 – Mon, January 9: Jameson was getting into trouble so we picked him up and flung him upside down. Not really. He loves it.

Day 10 – Tue, January 10: My gross keyboard at work. Tried out a new iphone camera app.

Day 11 – Wed, January 11: Jameson is playing with the tunnel Brian got him for his birthday.

Day 12 – Thu, January 12: Sasha loves the fireplace.

Day 13 – Fri, January 13: Jameson’s grandpa’s birthday was on the 11th, but we had them over today for pizza, chicken & jojos.

Day 14 – Sat, January 14: Jameson likes to be silly now and roll around on the ground.

Day 15 – Sun, January 15: My big boy, laying on a pillow, eating cheerios.

Day 16 – Mon, January 16: Jameson didn’t want to sit for his 13 months photos, he’d rather be on his knees.

Day 17 – Tue, January 17: Playing with dad’s sweatshirt pocket, Brian is hiding a toy of some sort.

Day 18 – Wed, January 18: Jameson’s been really sleepy recently, probably a growth spurt (or growing in some teeth)

Day 19 – Thu, January 19: Jameson is getting long hair in the back sides. I think he has his father’s hair.

Day 20 – Fri, January 20: Favorite part of the evenings after Jameson goes to bed is the fireplace.

Day 21 – Sat, January 21: Jameson still loves pulling his socks off. Here he is in hi buzz lightyear outfit from Uncle Tyler.

Day 22 – Sun, January 22: Sitting handsome!

Day 23 – Mon, January 23: A drooly Jameson, climbing on me.

Day 24 – Tue, January 24: A new favorite activity is climbing through the stools in the kitchen. He’s a bit stuck here.

Day 25 – Wed, January 25: Reading stories with grandma.

Day 26 – Thu, January 26: I wasn’t feeling great today, but it was nice to have this wonderful homemade wedding soup.

Day 27 – Fri, January 29: Taken a couple days late, this is a ornament from my grandma’s.

Day 28 – Sat, January 28: He was actually kind of crying here, but this is from our Valentine’s Day shoot.

Day 29 – Sun, January 29: Playing with books.

Day 30We missed this day 🙁

Day 31 – Tue, January 31: Reaching through the stairs. A good shot of some top teeth!

Day 32 – Wed, February 1: Jameson “riding” Surfin’ Elmo during Baby Night Wednesday with the neighbors.

Day 33 – Thu, February 2: Scary faced Jameson climbing up the stairs.

Day 34 – Fri, February 3: Jameson getting his nails cut. He’s actually pretty calm about this.

Day 35 – Sat, February 4: Jameson and I drove down to visit my parents. Here is Jameson and my dad (Jameson is reaching for me but he’s not fussing so that is great!).

Day 36 – Sun, February 5: All Jameson wanted to do was go up and down the stairs and grandma and grandpa’s house.

Day 37 – Mon, February 6: Jameson loved greek yogurt so much he ate some of mine. Here he is with my mom.

Day 38 – Tue, February 7: Pork and onions, a dinner that I actually made myself. So good!

Day 39 – Wed, February 8: It’s raquetball night. Brian and I play while his sister or mom watches Jameson.

Day 40 – Thu, February 9: Jameson is climbing the stairs again.

Day 41 – Fri, February 10: Playing peek-a-boo (but totally missing something to cover his face, unless the tomato sauce counts)

Day 42 – Sat, February 11: Learned how to put the “coins” in the bank.

Day 43 – Sun, February 12: Jameson’s new, real shoes.

Day 44 – Mon, February 13: New duck from grandma for Valentine’s Day. Jameson loves soft things.

Day 45 – Tue, February 14: The only photo I took on Valentine’s Day was a 30% off coupon for Kohls to send to my friend so we can schedule a shopping date. What does that mean!?

Day 46 – Wed, February 15: Jameson is sick with pink eye and I am home with him. We “accidentally” put both legs through one pant hole.

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