For Valentine’s Day, Something Pink

Jameson had a great Valentine’s Day on Monday. Well, the evening anyway. He was fussy at daycare, but he got to see grandma in the evening for a couple gifts. Lucky little man, he finally got to open some of his own presents!

Oh, and he’s in his jail time outfit. This is our spare daycare outfit. It’s always kind of fun to walk in that day and say “Oh! Jameson’s in his jail time outfit! He must have been messy today!”

Jameson just loves his new duck (and his new outfits too, of course). He loves to put his face into soft things and lay on them like pillows.

That night, he also decided to start “walking” again, or at least taking steps. He’s also making strides in standing up on his own from his feet (rather than just stepping away from something). He occasionally does a weird crawl on the palms of his hands and feet. Today I think he finally did it on his own, but I missed it!

Now you might be wondering at this point, what else Jameson got. Something pink.

Pink EYE!

On Tuesday he came home from daycare with goopy eyes and one that looked a little swollen. I was certain he had pink eye, and the doctor confirmed it the following morning (Bacterial Conjunctivitis is our technical name). Jameson at this point isn’t contagious anymore since he’s now been on antibiotics and eye drops for 24 hours, but we had to miss daycare yesterday and today.

In addition, Jameson has a cold and a bad ear infection (which is possibly the same one from before). So he is on stronger antibiotics this time around which will hopefully knock it out. He already seems like he is feeling better today, and the eyes are clearing up. Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare, except for our doctors visit where Jameson was so worn out he actually laid on my shoulder for that entire half hour we were there. Small blessings!

Even though most of our day looked like this today:

He is still clearly sick, with irritated skin under his eyes, snot coming out of his nose, and extra naps (at 5:30 pm, he is taking his second nap!)

I did try and get some 14 month photos today, but since I didn’t have Brian to help me, they ended up like this (aka dangerous). I will try again later tonight or maybe even this weekend.

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  1. Last weekend Logan took 4 steps several times in a row and since then, not so much. Then on Thursday he got the 3rd ear infection in 6 weeks and has barely taken any steps, or really even stood much, since. He does the same funny crawl with his hands and feet! It’s so funny!
    Silly boys…

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