Good Friday & The Wardrobe

Good Friday, I had off work but Brian didn’t. That may have been a first, so I’ll mark that down in the history books blog. So I opted to send Jameson to daycare and spend the day on myself.

First, I changed into my jeans to drop Jameson off at daycare, and came home swapping them out for lounge pants. I bought a book and started reading. Next, I ate brunch. I had a leftover wrap from Thursday and a whole box of mac ‘n cheese at 10:30.

My friend Emma and fiance Joe stopped by at 11 on her way to Detroit visiting family. Then I read some more.

Then I went to go see Titanic in 3D with sister-in-law Melissa. I had a box of snow caps.

Then I sort of felt depressed (it’s a tough movie to watch after having children, I think), so I picked up Jameson right after it was over at 5:15 or so. I was catching a cold, so when Brian’s parents stopped over later to drop off some pre-Easter gifts, I napped on the couch.

What a fabulous day. 🙂

But you’re probably not here to hear about me, right? I did take some photos sometime in between napping.

So, Jameson got some clothes from grandma and grandpa. Adorable, cute clothes. But Jameson was very interested in this other box from grandma and grandpa (Grandma said excuse the girl wrapping paper, haha. Oh well, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it or you’d never have noticed) and it’s fabulous bow.

What could possible have this super fun pull on it?

Jameson’s first lawn mower!

I can’t wait to see Jameson walking his mower out in the grass this summer.

But, right now, it’s still inside because of the crazy weather we’ve been having.

(This is what I woke up to this morning)

Yep, straight out of the Wardrobe.

(The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe if you’re confused)

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