Easter Holiday, grand finale

I’m not sure where this week went. It’s already Friday, and I’m still talking about Easter. Thank goodness there was something fun to talk about this week, or you probably would’ve gotten a few woe-is-me-first-world type problem posts. It was kind of a depressing work week, but it has had a upswing here at the end.

So we left off reading books, eating dinner, and going to bed. And overnight, the Easter bunny arrived! Easter bunny didn’t go overboard too much, but the contents barely fit in the basket, hence the covering of lovely bunny basket’s face.

That is isn’t the first thing Jameson found though. He discovered an Easter egg first, all by himself. Easter bunny placed six small Easter eggs filled with baby-friendly teddy grahams and gold fish.

Jameson discovered the first in the corner of the stairs. Luckily, I already had my camera but even still I barely got it running in time to capture his find. And then I let it run for like 10 minutes, and couldn’t bring myself to edit the video down.


Here are the highlights:

  • finds first egg, 0:00
  • sits down to eat, 0:50
  • sits down to eat again, 1:35
  • sits down to eat again, 1:55
  • discovers big (empty fun decor) egg, 2:07
  • discovers basket, 2:50
  • plays with phone up to his ear (so cute, he does this all the time now with everything) 3:20
  • sneezes a load of snot out, 3:40
  • finds second egg, 7:20
  • finds third egg, 8:10

Jameson found all his eggs. They were all in spots he usually plays with, so it was natural for him to discover them. He may have ruined his breakfast a little bit on goldfish and teddy grahams!

Inside one of the extra large eggs was a surprise. They were all empty but one, which had peeps in it!

He wasn’t a huge fan of the peeps. I’ve been eating them all instead.

Then it was time for church! Jameson got all dressed up, but the shirt I bought for him was way too big, he was swimming in it! So we swapped it out for another shirt I had for him all ready. (Sorry for making you iron the other shirt, mom haha)

Jameson’s very into hairbrushes, particularly dad’s. He likes to take Brian’s hairbrush in the morning and brush his hair.

At church, we got to see another brand new baby which was fun, and Jameson was in the childcare room. He was exhausted, but didn’t fall asleep until the end. Which meant we had a lot of trouble getting him down for a nap later and eventually had grandma go rescue him (because we as parents can’t be seen as the rescuers, right?)

Easter supper was ham, green bean casserole, broccoli, potatoes, salad and rolls (and the classic butter lamp my mom brought up). We were excited to have both sides of the family together for the meal, which happens very rarely.

Sasha was all prepared to gather up Jameson’s food, as usual.

Sasha enjoyed Easter as well. The End.

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