Weekend without Mom

Since I wasn’t around, I can only interpret these photos…

Dear Mom, today is Thursday. You left this morning, and dad immediately started letting me get into trouble. I got to feed Sasha a LOT!

Unfortunately, later this weekend, Dad realized he’d have to put a stop to it because I was feeding her too much. He started telling Sasha “No” (Because she listens better than I do).

Dear Mom, it’s Friday evening and after a long week at work, apparently Dad only had strawberries and hot dogs in the house for me to eat.

(Or, he doesn’t make me eat vegetables like you do. You’re the best mommy EVER.)

Dear Mom, it’s the weekend! And my friend Jonathan came over for a sleepover while Dad and Mr. JP drink make beer.

Dear Mom, Dad made me take a bath and took photos of me nakey and sent them to you. Is that legal? Dad told me this one made you laugh, because he gave it an “inappropriate” caption, he said.

Whatever that means.

Dear Mom, it’s Sunday, and Dad and I have a fun day planned after Jonathan and Mr. JP have breakfast. I can’t wait! We are having so much fun without you. But I still miss you, Mom.

Dear Mom, we went to the park, and I flirted with all the lovely ladies there. And pointed at all the doggies!

Dear Mom, I went grocery shopping with Dad and then helped him unpack. Mommy, Dad told me to hide these pasta sides from you so you don’t eat them all yourself. But I will tell you where they are if you let me into the pantry. Pretty please? I just want to get in there for a second…

After I finished helping Dad, he let me bang on the pot lids! I haven’t been able to do that in ages since you finally locked up that cabinet (it’s because I was denting everything, because I am so strong!)

Dear Mom, after I went to bed, Dad transferred the wine grape juice int0 a new jug. He took lots of photos of this, but it bores me, so you’ll have to look at them later.

Dear Mom, I was so excited to see you Monday morning but I was too groggy to really show it. We had to get up extra early to pick you up from the air plane place.

But I’m so glad you back Mom, I love you.

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