4 Months Happy

This month, Coraline slept through her first fireworks, enjoyed the company of friends at a kiddie park, and spent time with family for Father’s Day.


Coraline spent this month trying to roll over unsuccessfully. She really seems to enjoy hanging out on her side, chewing on hands or toys but without a lot of motivation to go further. One weekend she was really struggling with effort but when she was unsuccessful, she seemed to have given up and is very content with however we put her. She likes being on her belly much more than Jameson ever did, but like him spends more time on her back batting at toys.




I know it won’t be too long before she really discovers her feet, but I love her on her back using all of her limbs to get at something.


We borrowed a bouncer from friends, even though we already own one. She really seems to like this one better (it tilts her back a bit more and puts more toys in her reach). This is really where she started reach and grabbing, before doing much on her playmat. By the end of her fourth month, she was really starting to try and get things other than her hands in her mouth.


Her chubby cheeks just get me every time. She is however still about average in terms of weight, coming in at 13 pounds, 2 ounces on her 4 month appointment.

She still absolutely prefers breastfeeding to bottle feeding, and in fact recently refused the bottle from any of the teachers other than her regular provider (the head teacher of the room) who had to leave early one day. The doctor suggested that we stop feeding her overnight since we were just perpetuating a habit that would continue until we made it stop… so I did, and saw immediate effect in terms of sleeping, but not in terms of changing eating habits.




This little girl definitely has all our hearts (even Jameson’s!) and we all love seeing her grow big and strong. I’m not, other than the terrible habit of comparing babies, too interested in seeing her roll over. I wouldn’t mind keeping her at this stage for longer, though I already see it disappearing.

Leaving us is the nap-anywhere mentality (even though they were just half hour naps), as well as the content without doing anything. Though that is still there a lot, she enjoys being stimulated with toys in hand or hands in mouth or both. Which is all to the good, except for when toys drop to the floor!


And I leave with this, a picture of Buddha baby. Cracks me up every time!


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