Grandparents’ Day

For grandparents’ day last Sunday, I made a homemade apple pie with apples from the farmers market and my grandma’s recipe (supplemented with instructions from my mom; I need specifics!) The crust is a shortening crust and came out just perfect. It made an extra crust, so I actually made pumpkin pie the next weekend. It worked very well in the freezer!




We had some facetime with Meemaw earlier in the day, and then grandma and grandpa came over in the evening with Aunt Melissa.



Aunt Melissa hiked up these shorts on Coraline so they reached her chest, which was pretty hilarious. Loving these rolls! It kind of blows my mind, but she’s actually smaller than Jameson was at six months. She’s about an inch shorter, so her weight is distributed differently and I think that’s what makes her have those adorable little rolls I still love.




The weather was perfect for the pup to enjoy some time outdoors too, and I got some pictures of her. She is turning 11 years old in a couple weeks!




Jameson as usual was taking his energy out by running and jumping. I love this midair shot as he is launching himself off our rock! He soaks up the attention from all his grandparents. He and Coraline are so very lucky to have so much family in their lives. We don’t even need a reason to celebrate, but it was great having family over for a cookout (plus as a bonus we got to meet Aunt Melissa’s new boyfriend)


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