2 Weeks and Counting

Today Jameson turned 10 weeks old! But I haven’t edited those pictures yet, so I’ll show off from last week’s 2 month photo shoot!

I have just 2 weeks left at home with Jameson and I’m trying to decide what I want to do before I go back to work. Jameson and I have been to the mall and gone on a couple walks. He’s been out to lunch and dinner a couple times now too, and went with me to the eye doctor on Tuesday. I’d love to take him to the outdoor outlet mall near by but that will depend on the weather. He’s also met most of my friends now; Lynne stopped over just yesterday and Matti and Cassie came by earlier last week. That only leaves a couple people who haven’t met him yet. He’s been a very social baby while I’ve been off work! 🙂

So last week Aunt Holly and Grandma stopped by for a quick overnight visit! Jameson was in a much much better mood than during Grandma’s last visit while Brian was gone for work, so that was great!

Also last week on Saturday he visited his future BFF Jonathan, just 3 weeks old. Jonathan was born premature so he’s still wee little like Jameson was. Jameson looks sooo big compared to him. Also a lot more active. Jonathan has a better set of lungs on him though! haha

I took some photos of Jonathan for Lisa and JP’s announcements, which I’m actually pretty proud of. We didn’t have any natural light since we went over in the evening so they are a little indoors-y looking, but we got some great shots even with him being a bit grumpy that evening!

Lisa has some lovely furniture, so when I go back tomorrow to visit Lisa maybe I’ll get a few shots of Jameson looking cute on her couch, plus a few more of Jonathan in some nice natural light. I’ve run out of fun places here at home to take photos of Jameson, haha! Though this week I put him in his monkey hat for a few extra fun photos; I think I got some smiles out of him too so that’ll be cute once I edit them!

A couple people mistook Jonathan for Jameson on fb which was funny. Guess I just take a lot of pictures of Jameson so it’s natural to assume 🙂 But I for one know that Jonathan doesn’t look a thing like Jameson. All babies don’t look alike to me anymore! Speaking of other babies, our friends Carrie and Matt had their new son Nicholas a couple days ago! He’s got a cute nose, he looks exactly like Matt. They live nearby so Jameson has another future BFF now!

Next week on Tuesday we’re taking him to the daycare to visit with the teachers and get details on what he’ll need for his first days. Work is getting more “real” by the day. It’s funny but I think maybe I’m more possessive of Jameson now than I was at first. It’s going to be hard leaving him, so I’m glad Brian will be dropping him off at daycare, at least for a little while until we get a schedule going (Brian has a flexible start time for work).

I just had an extra moment to edit a couple of today’s photos, so here’s a sneak peak!

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