This week, sleeping has been on my mind a lot. Particularly Jameson’s sleep, though my sleep is included in that! After grandma’s visit the other week when Jameson was so cranky, he’s been a (relative) angel during the day. But we are still on a crazy non-nap schedule where he seems to go some days awake all day long and other days asleep all day long. Night time sleeping varies, some are better than others (last night I got the most sleep in a row that I’ve gotten since he was wee little and sleeping all the time, a whole 5 hrs straight).

So I bought a book which hasn’t come yet to help me scheduling him. I would love to have him on some sort of schedule by the time he goes to daycare, which is just 3 short weeks away. At least, a schedule for feeding him so that the week before I go back to work I can practice pumping at certain times of the day, more than the once a day I’ve been doing now, and so that I can schedule him to nurse at around noon so I can visit at lunch and feed him. And with the feeding I hope the napping will come! I can’t figure it out, it’s like he’s on a 48 hour schedule instead of 24. He spent most of the day awake yesterday but today he has slept with only me waking him to eat most of the day!

I still wonder if some of that is his congestion, and I’m also wondering if maybe it is allergy related instead of cold (because if it’s really a cold, it must be the mildest cold ever). I wouldn’t be surprised since the house has been closed up since winter started, we had super dry air (Brian just installed the house humidifier on Sunday) and I only clean every couple weeks and we have a large dog that shakes off a whole small dog’s worth of fur whenever she moves. Sasha causes me allergies sometimes too.

So Jameson turns 2 months tomorrow, and his 2 month doctor’s appointment is on Saturday so I’m not taking him back to the doctor for his congestion. We’ll see if she’ll still want to give him his vaccine’s since he’s still showing congestion symptoms when he’s upset and when he’s been on his back for extended periods of time.

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