Friendly Baby, Friendly People

I’ll take him anywhere I need a little help. Maybe the insurance agency, or the BMV, or somewhere else equally unpleasant. Because babies just naturally give off that “adore me” smell look. And now that Jameson rides in the big boy cart seat? Heck yeah, I will take advantage.

Even though Jameson has been sitting up really well for about a month, I was waiting for my cart cover (yes, I’m one of those… you would be too if you read the article I did about shopping cart gross-ness) to put him in the big boy cart seat.

I bought it off of; it’s by Little Luxe. I love that site when they have a hot item, and it was good timing. The cover has some clever loops for hooking toys up to, and is really easy to take on and off. The downside is that there’s isn’t a compact bag with it to fold it tightly when we’re not using it. I will have to find an alternative!

A week and a half ago, Saturday the 23rd, was Jameson’s first time riding in a cart, big boy style. At first when we put him in it, he didn’t realize he could sit up. He leaned himself back and flopped to the side a couple times before getting the hang of balancing.

Does he look frightened to you? It’s all the perspective, I promise. Really, once he was looking around, he was immediately flirting with the ladies at Target, I swear! It’s true people are so nice when you have a (not cranky at the time) baby. We had no less than 3 people chat with him and compliment him. When he was in his carseat at the store before, people mostly peeked at him but didn’t really interact.

Much better perspective! And smaller seats at the grocery. Again at the grocery store, he made eyes at some other ladies, fishing for smiles.

He also pretty quickly discovered that the straps (which are quite extensive for accommodating many cart and baby sizes) were really fun to chew on. We had to give him the pacifier as a replacement, but that didn’t last long. Nom nom nom tasty straps.

Right now, he’s made  grocery shopping rather fun. I hear as they get older and want everything on the shelves they get less adorable. I’ll just take it while it lasts. And the nicer cashiers too.

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  1. My kids are like little ticking time bombs @ the market. I have just under 34 minutes to be out of the store. If I can be out in that time there is no fit and they are rewarded. Around 40 minutes the meltdowns begin and what would only be 5 minutes more of shopping turns into 25 minutes of tantrum and pointing from strangers. But neither of them have ever liked shopping. I used to use the backpack carriers and walk the parking lot till they fell asleep then did the shopping while they napped on my back and front (seriously you should see my calves).

    1. Oh my goodness! I feel like you’ve got this down to a science, lol! I’m glad Jameson seems to enjoy shopping, I will thank God for small blessings 😉 At least your calves are magnificent, right!?

  2. I agree with Melissa. Mine are ticking time bombs as well. Danica tries to climb out of the cart after about 5 minutes of shopping.

    That cart cover is awesome though. I had one of those with Anders, but it was kind of hideous and I always forgot it. I’m sure I would’ve remembered it if it were as awesome as that one.

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