I Smell Fall

On Friday last week, the humidity dropped and whenever that happens I can smell fall on the breeze, no joke. (I can also smell the worms after the rain and sometimes pre-rain, like a sixth sense) It was confirmed for me this morning when I woke up and after my shower, it was still dark outside.

However, humidity is back up, so I guess that means 6 more weeks of summer? Wishful thinking.

In any case, I feel like I need to capture these small moments while I can, especially enjoying the outdoors (so I tell myself as I skip church for the 3rd week in a row)

But really, this Sunday we had some friends over after the rain killed our zoo plans (guess we really didn’t spend any time outdoors anyway), and in the evening we had dinner with Brian’s family for his mother’s birthday, which was a lot of fun.

Brian killed his diet for an evening of Italian debauchery, and I enjoyed a heavenly mushroom ravioli.

We discussed the benefits of having extra large paintings, like the above classy man behind Becky, made of us individually to fill the awful space over our bed which currently has an awful off-centered painting. I think somebody nixed the idea though, maybe Brian’s dad.

Jameson was almost-but-not-quite-a-nightmare. We came prepared with highchair cover and plenty of not-too-noisy toys, he had eaten and had been changed. But it was close to bed time and there were too many people to look at and holler at, and maybe make some pterodactyl noises at. It was still a blast.


Oh, I also went shopping again on Saturday and on Sunday. At least this time, I realized I needed to do a thorough cleaning of the closet.

After 5 years, I realized that maybe I will never fit into some of those clothes again. The pain was made palatable though by the booty I came back with from Kohls and the outlets. What is it about walk in closets that make you feel like you can indeed store everything forever?

There is a gap there now, and I emancipated a good number of hangers which meant I could throw away a bunch of those clear plastic store hangers. Or are you supposed to recycle those? Does anyone recycle those?

Anyway, it was a nice relaxing weekend, before the next weekends into September which will be filled with trips and events, and even our first overnight together without Jameson. Whatever will we do with ourselves?

On our list now for the rest of summer are just a few must-do’s:

  • go canoeing/fake kayaking in those kayaks with huge openings so I don’t drown if I tip over
  • go on a little hike to where we got engaged
  • go ride some rollercoasters

Very do-able, right? As long as we get 6 more weeks of summer, anyway.

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