Family Gathering

On Sunday, we visited Brian’s great-grandma and family. It had been quite some time since our last visit. Last time, Jameson had been a little over 4 months old.

When we first arrived we handed Jameson over to her for a few photos. Jameson was pretty mellow, taking it all in.

Luckily he was so good for great-grandma! Come to find out, Jameson is having some people preferences now. He fussed with Aunt Terry and cousin Stacy… so Grandma stole him away.

Jameson loved playing in the grass and on the sidewalk. He kept trying to eat the grass now though so we had to watch him.

The whole family was there from Brian’s mother’s side of the family, which was so nice. We celebrated his Aunt Terry’s birthday and cousin Stacy’s engagement to Nick.

Already hard at work wedding planning for next August!

The weather was perfect (that early fall not-humid not-too-cold not-too-hot sort of weather). We spent the majority of our time outside.

Aunt Melissa and her boyfriend Jon entertained Jameson for a while while he played with a plastic red cup (again, why am I buying toys!?)

Aunt Kathy taught him how to bang on a pan with a spoon… at first he just wanted to eat the spoon, but he got the hang of it quick.

For supper we had lasagna, broccoli salad, beans, stuffed peppers, grilled chicken…

…and cake, and this amazingness of an angel food cake casserole.

This was Jameson’s first people food day! (Cheerios don’t count). Jameson got to try Brian’s parents’ famous lasagna (noodles and a little sauce, not the meat and cheese). He had eggs that morning too. ┬áHe did great.

He really wanted some chicken too, but we opted to just do two new things in one day.


We came away with a bag of chestnuts from Aunt Kathy. We’re going to experiment with them. Apparently you can just microwave them and they were pretty tasty, but it will be fun to see what else we can do with them.

I’m pretty sure great-grandma had a blast. I know Jameson did (until we strapped him in for the ride home. I swear he knew it was going to be a long car ride. Poor Mr. Jameson)

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