Signing Smart-ly

A while back I mentioned that Jameson and I were doing a sign language class associated with Signing Smart. Well, that class ended on Saturday. No, my child is not a signing genius. He actually doesn’t sign at all.

I did expect that though, so I’m not too disappointed. And to be honest, Jameson has never really imitated me at anything. He doesn’t wink, blow kisses, wave hi, or anything. I think Brian’s mom taught him out to blow raspberries¬† spit at me, so there is that.

Check it out, all the babies are actually looking at the camera. That is once in a lifetime!

I had a lot of fun. 10 weeks was a big time commitment, but I only missed one class. I am glad I did it, even though I am not sure that I have stuck with the signing enough to get benefit out of it from Jameson later. However, I heard there was a lot of improvement in the older kids, so I am considering returning to take the class again after the New Year.

Here’s what I did get out of it:

  • Interacting with other adult human beings with children
  • Seeing Jameson improve in his motor skills over the course of 10 weeks (and people commenting on it)
  • Loved watching Jameson interact with his environment, the children, and the toys. He does this all day at daycare that I never get to see, so this was my opportunity
  • Singing stupid songs as a group without feeling embarrassed
  • Learning a few signs (a lot didn’t stick with me, but more will next time, I am sure)
  • Watching other kids grow and develop – particularly the teacher’s son Ian closest to Jameson in age.

All in all, it was worth it. I’m happy it’s done for now though, and I have free Saturdays. It was rough at 10am every Saturday because that is always when Jameson needed to nap.

As Brian and I discussed this while driving to my friends Joni and Justin’s new house on Saturday, Brian thought it might be a good idea to do some swimming lessons with Jameson.

My immediate response: But of course I’d love to jump in my bathing suit once a week. Are you going to take him every week?

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