Birthday Boy

I know, I know. It’s a little early to be celebrating Jameson’s birthday. We have a couple more weeks to go (Gosh, only a couple?! I am way behind on making those garlands)

But, he seemed to enjoy the walk behind/ride on toy at his friend Mark‘s so much that we asked nicely and Jameson’s grandparents were willing to go ahead and give him one of his gifts early last night.

Sasha wanted to help. That right there, that’s “9 years of teaching her to open her own gifts” Brian said. Yep, this puppy gets wrapped gifts too.

What is it!? Why, it’s …. wrapping paper! Yay!

Meanwhile, some assembly is required.

[10 Minutes Later…]

Grandma and grandpa (who took off work early for this special occasion) are thrilled. Jameson took to it right away, both forward and backward as you can see in this cute video.


I can tell that he’s going to be chasing after the puppy even more now…

I am not sure who had more fun, us or Jameson.

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