The Big 2

2 as in 2-0 months!

Jameson turned 20 months on Thursday. We are 4 short months away from ending our monthly photo shoot. This month, I got out the blocks and asked Jameson if he was ready to get on the chair for his pictures. He proceeded to climb right into his chair, and then was just as difficult as usual getting his photo taken.

Jameson is frequently saying new words when we ask him to repeat after us, but not consistently using them in everyday language. Our current focus is teaching him two word phrases, which he still does very rarely. Some new words this month are help, house, apple and MINE!

When I took Jameson’s security blanket away from him as a game, he grabbed it back grinning and said “mine!”. It’s cute (right now).

We have also increased his animal noise repertoire to include “cluck cluck” for chickens. Meanwhile, Moo and Baa have become one word for most animals. “Moobaa,” he says for his favorite farm animal book. We purchased an adorable stuffed farm animal set from IKEA for him for $5, but he’s not too interested though I love the baby piggies. We hold them up to get him to say his noises and tuck the baby piggies into his pockets.

This past week, he started refusing his milk at bedtime and increasing his solid food intake at dinner at the same time. We have almost stopped the milk at bedtime then, and have cut back the bedtime books down to 5. Sometimes, he gets a book in bed and we can see him looking at it over the monitor.

We also think he’s getting one of his 2 year molars in, since he has been sticking his hands in his mouth all last week, drooling a little more, and is overall more cranky than usual. Sometimes drinking from the straw seems to bother him, which might explain the easy discontinuation of the bedtime milk.

That shirt he’s wearing? One of his favorites. He likes to wear the shirt with eyes! When I went to Kohls for some fall long-sleeved shirts, I made sure to get one of each of the available shirts with eyeballs! He’s still in 18 months shirts, though some of the necks are getting tight around his head. His waist though is still really skinny and except for his height he could still be wearing 12 month pants. We are still in size 4 diapers.

(He is obviously no where close to potty training, but he has associated pee with both the toilet and the diaper; he also likes the flush the toilet after us – we only allow him then. Potential reward for future potty success? Maybe!)

Jameson knows his belly, belly button, private part (of course), toes, fingers, tongue, nose, and hair among others. He knows eyes and ears, though sometimes gets them confused when pointing to them on himself.

I asked him to point to his nose during our photo shoot, but he said “noooo”. (That is a “nooo” face above) Sometimes he gets shy about performing, which is funny. I don’t typically think of him as a shy kid, but when he is around people he doesn’t know, it does take him a little while to warm up to them.

The look on his face when he knows he disobeying you? Priceless. It’s hard not to laugh, though he is listening much better than he used to. Sadly, that is mostly because of threats for a Time Out which he really doesn’t like. It’s a threat that doesn’t need to come true too often (only three real ones at home! But more frequent times with mom or dad in the bathroom to calm down). We’ll see how long the Time Out threat works.

Jameson loves to play outside, collect rocks, play with bubbles (empty containers or not!), get wet, read books, and watch Elmo. He’s pretty good at taking turns and sometimes cleaning up. He’s got great balance and is starting to enjoy throwing (soft) things and balls.

Pretty much? Awesome.

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