Snow Play

Today, as the snow slowly melts from our snow storm just after Christmas, is perfect to remember it as it first fell: white and fluffy. The snow is pretty grungy now, and I’m not sorry to see the dirty snow go.



Brian had to work on that Thursday after Christmas, so it was just me and Jameson. At first, surprisingly, he didn’t want to go out and play. But I convinced him otherwise.

I told him we had to wear special pants to go outside, since he hadn’t worn snow gear since last year and certainly didn’t remember. He was excited to put on his “spesal pants” and even tolerated the coat and hood. The hood only worked one time; the next time we went out, he insisted on keeping it off. But luckily by then I found him a better hat that covered his ears.

Snowball and Sasha

We invited Sasha outside to play too! I showed Jameson how much Sasha loves snowballs (though she no longer leaps to get them!). Jameson mostly handed them to her, which I’m sure she didn’t mind.




Jameson went searching after more pre-made ones from the driveway being plowed, and Sasha tried to help uncover them.

Searching for Snowballs

Sasha wanted to go inside then but Jameson wasn’t done! We broke out the sled, and I pulled him around the yard for a while. He held on tight and enjoyed it far more than he ever did last year.

We slid down the snow bank the plow left behind a couple times without the sled and just ourselves; I think if we get another good snow we’ll take him to a bigger hill and ride with him in the sled properly. I think he’d love it this year!


He was so tolerant of me running back and forth to get my camera from the garage. We started walking in the backyard and I told him to wait for me and ran back to get it for another shot. When I came back he was waving at me to come over to him and saying “come on mommy!” which cracked me up.


He didn’t want to come inside. We went back out New Years Eve too, and he had a blast. I even forced him to make a little snow angel. He was a good sport about it.

Snow Angel

Jameson overall enjoyed the driveway and sled and snowballs. He didn’t like walking in the snow as much and requested “hugs” (which is how he asks to be picked up) after a bit of time. He did seem to get over his fear of falling down though he didn’t like it very much. Poor thing doesn’t have good mittens for holding snow though so after a little while I give him my mittens so we can continue to enjoy the outdoors.

Mommy's Mittens

I cannot find good mittens or gloves for toddler size hands that aren’t just plain thin knit cotton. Any ideas? We checked Wal-Mart, Target, Kohls, Burlington.

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